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April 20, 2018 NBA playoff heat vs 76 G3 live address

At 07:00 on April 20, 2018, Beijing time, the first round of NBA playoffs, the heat vs. 76ers G3 broadcast preview and game outlook.

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Veteran Wade's excellent performance is one of the key to the heat's second win, James Johnson and Dragic also helped. When the heat return to play at home, they need wade to be aggressive. In the second game, Wade scored 28 points, 7 rebounds and 3 assists from 11-for-16 shots in the 26 minutes he came off the bench. When he was on the court, the team scored the highest 16 points of the whole game. 'I don't care about his numbers this season, he always plays the key moments. 'Spoelstra said that since 2011, his team has been able to win 19 consecutive series away from home. The heat need wade to be efficient and give the team more support on the offensive side.

For Wade's performance, the 76ers coach Brown said: 'this is the familiar Wade, full of absolute confidence in shooting. His tackle changed the game, and if you're going to pick a decision moment, it's the ball. "There is no doubt that the 76ers will try to put pressure on wade in defence.

In addition to wade, the heat need more players to contribute at home. Drajic and James Johnson are all dangerous attacking points. They want to attack the 76ers' defense with personal attack. Richardson, Ellington, orinick and others should bring fire support to the outside line, and Whiteside should also play a role in the inside line. If he returns in game three, Whiteside will have to take on more defensive responsibilities on the inside and try to limit his role.

The 76ers got off to a good start in the first game, but they didn't stop wade in the second. When visiting Miami, the 76ers need to attack and rebound, especially their outside pitchers, to try to find the right star. Simmons wants to keep attacking to attack the opponent's defence. He wants to activate the team's attack with the passing. Redick, bellinelli, Saric, iasova and coventon all have outside shooting abilities, and if they can fire, the 76ers' attack will be more threatening.

Embid is now seen as a potential absentee and is likely to make a comeback in Miami, which will be the biggest advantage for the 76ers. If embid can return, he will certainly bring great help to the team at both ends of the attack and defense, and he will cause a lot of trouble to the heat.

In the regular season, the two teams are tied, and the heat have won both their home games. In the regular season, the heat won the 76ers 7 times in a row at home, and the last loss at home to the 76ers was on December 24, 2014. In the 2011 playoffs, the heat eliminated the 76ers 4-1 and won all three of their home games.

Expected starting lineup of both sides

76ers: Simmons, Redick, Covington, Saric, ayasova

Heat: Dragic, Taylor Johnson, Richardson, James Johnson, Whiteside