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Which is better for mosquito repellent incense or liquid mosquito repellent

Sihaiwang: there are many mosquito repellent products in summer, the most common one is mosquito repellent incense and mosquito repellent liquid. Which one is better? Which one is more suitable for mosquito repellent in summer. Come and have a look.

Which is better, mosquito repellent or liquid

Mosquito repellent liquid is better to use. Compared with mosquito repellent incense, mosquito repellent incense liquid is more convenient to use. It can be used when plugged in. It doesn't need to be unplugged, and it can be used for a month. The mosquito repellent effect is also very good. However, the traditional disc mosquito repellent incense has a strong smell and is easy to produce other harmful substances when burned.

Advantages of mosquito repellent liquid

1. It is easy to use and does not need to change medicine every day. A bottle of 45ml mosquito repellent liquid can be used for 300 hours (30 days) continuously, as long as the switch is simply turned on or off.

2. The efficacy of mosquito repellent liquid is relatively stable. When the switch is turned on and the heater is in normal working state, the volatilization of effective ingredients in it is always balanced, so the effect of disinfestation is stable and can effectively repel mosquitoes.

3. The mosquito repellent can be used up without any expense, and will not pollute the environment.

4. After the power is turned on, there is an indicator light, which can be cleared to see whether it is working. Even if it is used in the dark, it will not be knocked over because it is invisible.

5. It is safe to use, and people can't touch the heating device and liquid medicine with their hands.

6. Low toxic safety insecticide, with the characteristics of high efficiency, low toxicity, no residue, no pollution, safety and health, is a green environmental protection product.

How to choose mosquito repellent liquid

1. When choosing mosquito repellent liquid, we should first recognize the back of the package, whether it is a "three no" product, and whether there is a national production qualified trademark.

2. Make sure that the liquid does not leak out and the liquid is clear and transparent. The plastic parts of electric mosquito repellent incense shall not have obvious warpage, deformation, crack, scratch, burr, etc., and the fasteners shall not be loose.

3. It is better to choose the products produced by the same factory for mosquito repellent liquid and mosquito repellent incense device. For example, when you first bought the mosquito repellent liquid and the mosquito repellent incense device of Chaowei, you should also buy the mosquito repellent liquid of Chaowei next time after use, which can make the medicine volatilize fully.