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Which one is the male or the female

Skin shrimp is also divided into male and female, and eat skin shrimp must choose fresh, otherwise it will directly affect the taste. Now let's choose the method of fresh skin shrimp.

How to choose fresh prawns

There is a phenomenon of mixed fish and eyeballs in the market. Mix some dead shrimps and live shrimps together. Never eat dead shrimps. Skin shrimp is a kind of seafood. It is not recommended to continue to eat most of the seafood once it is dead. Generally, it is better to eat fresh seafood. Otherwise, the protein in it will be decomposed in a large amount, which will produce the toxic substance histamine. Eating it will cause food poisoning. Then, how to pick out the fresh shrimps

1. The back of the prawns should be arched instead of lying flat.

2. The eyes of the living skin shrimp will be particularly bright, and will emit a kind of green and translucent light, which will be clearer after the water comes out. The eyes of the dead shrimp have long lost this color.

3. The tail of the prawn is open, and the tail of the dead prawn is closed. So, when you go to the market to buy shrimp, watch its tail.

4. The color of fresh skin shrimp should be bright and blue, but if the color is black and not bright, it is not fresh.

5. Look at the head of a prawn. If it looks like it's going to fall off, it's not fresh.

Which one is the male or the female

The mother's is generally delicious. Because the mother has seeds or is called 'yellow', it is very delicious when cooked. No public. Most people prefer mother skin shrimp. In particular, the days before and after May Day are the most delicious. This period is the spawning period of skin shrimp. The mother skin shrimp has a thick shrimp paste, which is the most delicious.

However, it can not be said that the mother must be delicious. It is true that the mother's taste is better when eating the skin shrimp. However, in autumn and after spawning, the male shrimp is thick and juicy, while the female shrimp is small, sometimes it is empty shell, and the taste of eating the male shrimp is better. Some people like the full and tight flesh feeling of male skin shrimp, while others like the delicious shrimp seeds of female skin shrimp. It depends on your own preference.

Can I eat the shrimps overnight

Cooked skin shrimp eat that fresh taste, overnight skin shrimp fresh taste loss almost, do not advocate eating.

If you put it at room temperature overnight, and it contains toxin, never eat it. If it is refrigerated overnight in the refrigerator, the taste will be lost, and it can be eaten, which will not cause the toxic symptoms of diarrhea.