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What is seven hole fiber quilt? Which is better, four hole or seven hole

There are more and more kinds of quilts. There are various kinds of silk, down, soybean and fiber. In the shopping mall, we often hear that the quilts are four hole fiber or seven hole fiber quilt. What are four hole fiber quilt and seven hole fiber quilt? Which is better, four or seven? Let's get to know with Xiaobian.

Which is the best quilt with seven holes or four holes

Four hole fiber is to drill four holes evenly on a single fiber on the basis of a single hole. Four hole fiber refers to the observation of polyester fiber slices under a high-power microscope. Its fiber section has four cavities, so it is called four hole quilt.

What is seven hole quilt

The principle of seven hole fiber is similar to that of four hole fiber, that is, to drill seven holes evenly on a single fiber. Because of its higher hollowness, seven hole quilt and four hole quilt belong to chemical fiber products. The chemical fiber after drilling is very soft and easy to recover, and the covering time will not be as hard as cotton quilt.

Which is better, seven hole quilt or four hole quilt

The effect of seven hole quilt is better. Because the hollow degree of seven hole quilt is higher, compared with four hole fiber, its fluffy, warmth preservation and air permeability will be better, so the price will be more expensive than four hole quilt.

Principle of quilt keeping warm

The quality of the quilt's warm keeping performance is largely determined by the ability of the quilt to retain the static air, because the static air is a bad conductor of heat energy. The more static air is, the less heat energy is likely to be lost, and the more warm it will be. The quilt made of chemical fiber has a weak ability to keep still air, but after punching, this ability is greatly strengthened. So why the more holes, the better the warmth.

Which is better, seven hole quilt or soybean quilt

It's better to choose soybeans. The soybean quilt is soft and comfortable, better than the seven hole quilt in terms of comfort, and the thermal insulation effect is quite good. It is a quilt with very high cost performance, but the soybean quilt is relatively difficult to maintain, so you should pay attention to a lot when using it, and the seven hole quilt is not so particular in terms of maintenance.

How to select seven holes

​ &; &; &; &; &; &; &; &; 1. Brand

Therefore, if you want to buy a satisfactory quilt, first of all, it depends on the brand. If you buy a seven hole quilt, you should buy one with 100% cotton content. '

2. Look at the quilt

It depends on whether the quilt surface is cotton, whether the fabric is tight, and whether the fabric is tight to ensure that the chemical fiber filler in the quilt is not exposed. At the same time, touch the quilt with your hand to see if it is very soft and smooth. A good quilt feels smooth. Once it is released, it will naturally return to its original shape. If it feels a little sticky, it means that the filler is not 100% fiber or poor quality.

3. See sewing

Then lay the quilt flat to see if the whole is flat and even, especially if the four sides of the quilt are natural and in a straight line. After the overall examination, do not neglect the stitching and stitching, because good quilt stitching is straight and consistent. The expert specially reminded that 'first look at the straightness of the sewing track, then look at the unevenness of the thread and feet. It's better to compare and measure by hand to see how many stitches there are in the tiger mouth, and then change a place to compare and measure to see whether the number of stitches is the same. '