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Does sunscreen need to remove makeup

When you go out in summer, you have to wear sunscreen. So the question is, do you need to remove makeup after you apply sunscreen? What happens if you don't remove your makeup? Let's have a look.

Must sunscreen remove makeup

Sunscreen does not have to remove makeup. If it is not waterproof sunscreen, it can be washed with water directly, then it can be removed by using cleansing products. But if it's sunscreen with waterproof effect, it must be removed with makeup remover. Because sunscreen with waterproof effect is made of oily ingredients, which can't be completely cleaned by simple facial cleaning products. If it's not thoroughly cleaned, it will bring a lot of harm to the skin, so if you use sunscreen with waterproof effect Remember to remove makeup!

What happens if sunscreen doesn't remove makeup

Because sunscreen is not a skin care product, if you don't remove makeup after using sunscreen, it is likely to form an oil film on the surface, and this oil film can't be cleaned by general cleansing products, which will make subsequent skin care products can't be absorbed by the skin. It will also cause pore blockage, make the skin more greasy, and even dull mouth, acne, acne, etc.

How to remove makeup with sunscreen

The method of removing makeup of sunscreen is the same as the method of removing makeup after the girls usually use makeup. First, you need to use eye lip remover to remove the sunscreen from the eyes, then use face remover to remove the sunscreen from the rest of the face, and finally use cleanser to clean the lower part, and then carry out daily skin care steps~