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April 19 the 35th round of the Premier League live broadcast by Bournemouth vs Manchester United

Sihaiwang: at 02:45 on April 19, Beijing time, the 35th round of the Premier League was broadcast live by Bournemouth vs Manchester United. Manchester United lost 1-0 to West Bromwich Albion at the bottom of the table in the last round. They also sent Manchester City to win the Premier League title ahead of time when the five consecutive premier league wins were ended. The defeat was a huge blow to the team's morale, and Mourinho criticized the players' slack and arrogance after the game. Manchester United are still second in the Premier League table, one point ahead of Liverpool, third. In the last four away games, Manchester United have won 3-1. Manchester United are eager to find the winning feeling in this away match against Bournemouth.

Bournemouth lost 3-0 on the road last round at the foot of Liverpool. In the last three rounds, he drew 2-1 and lost 1. In the last eight rounds, he won only one game against West Bromwich. Bournemouth is currently 11th in the Premier League table and is in a comfortable position. Manchester United's recent two rounds of Premier League away games are in the case of two goals behind the class three goals to achieve a big reversal to win, which is the first time in the history of the Premier League.

In history, the two sides have a total of 13 matches, with Manchester United winning 8-3, drawing 2 and gaining the upper hand. Against Bournemouth on the road, Manchester United were 2-2, 2-2 and 2-0, with 9 goals scored and conceded.

Live time: 02:45, April 19

Live address: Mid=8:919233