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April 19 NBA playoffs Jazz vs thunder live

Four seas: Beijing time, April 19, 08:00, NBA playoffs Jazz vs thunder live. Oklahoma City Thunder got a good start to the playoffs at home. They will continue to play Utah Jazz at home on the 19th. George, wesbrook and Anthony will continue to play a leading role. The three giants will show their dominance to drive the team. Thunder will take the lead 2-0 with the help of home court impact. Jazz lose first, they hope to rebound away, Mitchell to play an offensive role, gobel to lead the team in defense to have a better performance.

The thunder beat the Jazz 3-1 in the regular season, and both home thunder teams won. The two sides have played in the last seven games, with thunder winning 6 and losing 1. The two teams have met for the last 12 times. Thunder team has won 10 games, and the last 15 games have won 12 games. At home, the thunder have won the Jazz 14 times in a row, the last time the Jazz won on November 1, 2010. This season is the first time the thunder have met the Jazz in the playoffs since moving to Russia.

Expected starting lineup of both sides

Jazz: Rubio, Mitchell, Ingels, fevos, gobel

Thunder: wesbrook, brewer, George, Anthony, Adams

Live time: 08:00, April 19

Live address: mid=100000:1471492