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2018 vipshop 419 how to receive and use Alix brand red envelopes

2018 vipshop 419 how to receive and use Alix brand red envelopes on April 19, 2018, vipshop launched the global special carnival, which also launched the red envelope of Alix brand. Do you know how to receive and use the red envelope of Alix brand? Let's have a look.

Red packet collection time: 10:00 & ndash, April 11, 2017; 09:59, April 22, 2017;

Use time of red packet: 20:00 & ndash, April 18, 2017; 09:59, April 22, 2017;

Activity rules:

1. Collect brands on the activity page of Alix channel, and you can get red envelopes of corresponding brands. A user ID in a special venue can only get one red envelope of a brand, and you can get up to 50 red envelopes of different brands, and you can only receive them once you have received them;

2. Purchase the corresponding brand, and use the red bag of the brand collected during the activity. After participating in the activity (after discount, full reduction, reduction, etc.), the order amount still meets the red bag use conditions, and then use it;

3. The brand red packet is immediately charged into the member account. The brand red packet cannot be used at the same time with coupons, preferential passwords and other cards. The red packet cannot be discounted or replaced;

4. Modification and consolidation are not supported for orders with red packets;

5. After the order is delivered, if the order using the coupon is rejected or returned, the coupon will not be returned, and the amount will be apportioned in proportion, and the refund amount will not exceed the amount actually paid by the order;

6. The brand red packet received is only for the exclusive use of the corresponding brand red packet on vipshop website.

How to receive the brand red packet of vipshop 419? How to use the brand red packet? Xiaobian introduced these to you. I hope it will help you.