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When will Xiaomi 7 go public and why will Xiaomi 7 delay going public

It is an indisputable fact that Xiaomi 7 will use full screen bangs. It is understood that the design width of Xiaomi 7's bangs is larger than that of iPhone X. When will Xiaomi 7 Launch? Come and have a look.

Xiaomi 7 will adopt the Liu Haiping design, which seems to become more and more unsuspecting. According to the netizens who claimed to have seen the engineering machine, Xiaomi adopts the 18:9 Liu Haiping design, and the width of the Liu Haiping is larger than the iPhone X. at the same time, it does not have the chin as shown in the rendering, but it is only narrower. As for the position and arrangement of the double photos on the back, it is the same as Xiaomi mix2s, or there is a screen below Fingerprint unlocking and post fingerprint are two versions, but due to the incomplete adaptation of MIUI system, they will not be released until May, which is quite consistent with the latest rumor that Xiaomi 7 will be launched in June.

Narrow Chin

According to the netizens who claimed to have seen the engineering machine, Xiaomi 7 did adopt the Liu Haiping design, which was wider than the iPhone X. And like Huawei P20, you can set the software to hide the bangs. The part of the display screen after hiding the bangs is the same as the color of the mobile phone panel, but the status bar will be displayed on both sides of the bangs.

However, unlike the non chin design exposed in the previous rendering, Xiaomi 7 still retains the chin, but it is relatively narrow, about the same height as Xiaomi 6 fingerprint recognition. As for the location and arrangement of the camera on the back, it will also support wireless charging function, just like Xiaomi mix2s, so it should be double-sided glass body design.