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How to set transaction password in wechat bank app when using the microbank app, in order to make your account more secure, it's better to change the transaction password every other time. So how to set the transaction password when you just use the microbank app? Now let's take a look at the transaction password setting method of microbank!

Setting method:

1. First, please open the microbank app on your mobile phone.

2. After logging in the account, click the picture on the top left corner

3. The following page appears, click 'Settings'.

4. On the settings page, click password security.

5. Then continue to click "transaction password".

6. In the transaction password page, there are two options: "modify transaction password" and "reset transaction password".

7. If you know the original transaction password, you can click "modify transaction password" and enter the original password to modify the password.

8. If you forget the original password, select reset transaction password, and then enter the new transaction password. To reset the transaction password, you need to verify that it is you. Click 'verify now'. Finally, face recognition is carried out. After manual review, the modification is successful.