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Where is the Alipay electronic identity card? Is Alipay electronic identity card safe?

Sihai network: the latest news, with the increasingly powerful function of Alipay, the electronic identity card of Alipay has been launched recently. Users can confirm their identity by scanning. So where is Alipay's electronic ID card? Is Alipay's electronic identity card safe?

Where is Alipay's electronic identity card?

In fact, the collection of network card is very convenient, open Alipay 'card package - Certificate', according to the prompts to complete "shuface" and other related identity authentication, prove that I can own my own network card. When using, you can open the QR code of the network card and prove your identity by scanning. At present, the online certificate can be used to handle business such as provident fund inquiry, bus ticket purchase, hotel check-in and other graphic / visual China, etc.

Even if the phone is lost, someone else wants to use your Internet card. You must first open your Alipay through the phone password + Alipay login password, and then open the network card two-dimensional code through the "fingerprint verification + Shabu face verification", a total of four.

At present, Quzhou, Hangzhou and Fuzhou have become the first pilot cities. The three places respectively selected three common life scenes, namely, government affairs, hotel check-in and car ticket purchase, for the pilot. It is estimated that 4 million people will have the opportunity to experience this convenient service in one year.

Prior to this, many cities and Alipay cooperate on-line electronic social security card, electronic residence permit, electronic driving license, electronic driving license, electronic business license and other electronic documents. "This pilot shows that the network certificate is reproducible. If the user feedback is good, we are willing to work with more government agencies and partners to serve more people in cities. '

Two. Is Alipay electronic identity card safe?

In fact, we all know that the network card can not replace the entity ID card, but because it is easy to keep, easy to carry, multiple password protection and other features, it is very safe to use, in fact, it can greatly reduce the probability of losing the certificate and the possibility of being falsely used.

For security issues, Alipay said that even if cell phones are lost, the possibility of using Internet cards to be fraudulent is minimal. Because when using the network card, the user needs to pass the fingerprint or face washing verification first, and can enter the network card page only after proving that it is the user. In addition, when you open the QR code, you need to wash your face again for verification.

In other words, even if the phone is lost, others want to use your Internet card, you must first open your Alipay through the phone password + Alipay login password, and then through the "fingerprint verification + Shabu face verification" open the network card two-dimensional code, a total of four. The accuracy of Alipay's face recognition technology has reached 99.99%, and the possibility of being used is very low.

To be honest, friends, Alipay launched this function is too much force, do not know everyone after reading the introduction of Xiaobian, understand or understand how much, if we can popularize this technology, then in the processing of some documents, it can be much more convenient.

The above is about the introduction of Alipay electronic identity card related information, everyone has read about it, and more Alipay electronic ID card information is introduced.