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Can the floor heating be carpeted? What's wrong with the carpet on the floor heating

Now many people are equipped with floor heating. When decorating, there will be carpet decoration at home. Can you still lay carpet if there is floor heating at home? Is there a warm carpet? Let's have a look.

Can floor heating be carpeted

Carpet can be laid on the floor heating, but it's better not to. Laying carpet on the floor heating is not good, but will cause many adverse effects.

The disadvantages of carpet on the floor heating

1. Affect heating

Laying carpet on the floor heating is like covering the quilt for the floor heating, because its heat insulation effect is better, which is not conducive to the heat transfer of the floor heating to the indoor, and will hinder the indoor heating and lead to the indoor temperature drop. So in order to avoid this phenomenon, a lot of houses that install floor heating use legged furniture, so as not to block the floor heating.

2. Unhealthy

Carpet with a long time will certainly have bacteria or mites on it, and the warm and comfortable temperature of the floor will accelerate the growth of bacteria and mites. This will only make the interior cleaner.

3. Cause damage

Placing the carpet on it will cause uneven heating of the floor heating, and the high temperature of the place where the carpet is covered will accelerate the damage of the floor heating pipe, and the high temperature of the floor heating will also bake the carpet, which may cause the carpet to burn out and give out the smell of burning. Therefore, it is recommended that nothing be laid on the floor heating.

Many people like to lay carpets at home, even if the floor heating is installed, they also like to put a carpet decoration at home, but do you know if the carpet is placed on the floor heating? Can the floor heating lay carpets?

What's a good shop for floor heating

If you want a carpet and want a warm room, choose an electric carpet. The electric heating carpet is composed of the carpet layer, the protective layer and the electric heating wire between them. It has an automatic temperature control system, and the material of the electric heating carpet is relatively high temperature resistant. It will automatically power on when the electric heating carpet device is lower than 30 degrees, and automatically power off when it is higher than 45 degrees, which is very safe and reliable.

How to clean electric carpet

It is better not to wash the electric carpet directly in water. It should be slightly wetted. Put some detergent in it and wash it carefully with a brush. Pay attention not to damage the wires with excessive force. If you need to clean it, use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust on it. If there is a mite dust remover, it will be better. In this way, most of the mites on it can be removed. When drying, it should be placed in a ventilated place, and it should not be placed in direct sunlight.