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Why are tickets to the scenic spots on the flying pig cheap and reliable a lot of little friends will choose to buy tickets on flying pigs when they go out for tourism. Recently, some users have found that the tickets for flying pigs will be cheaper. Why are the tickets for flying pigs cheaper? Is it reliable for flying pigs to buy tickets?

1、 Why are tickets cheap for the scenic spots on the flying pig?

Alipay main interface clicks all applications, pull-down to the third party to provide services, choose flying pig travel to find the corresponding attractions, buy tickets on it.

Flying pig is the original Ali travel. Ali travel is a category of travel in Taobao, such as ticket and hotel. What tickets to buy and what to pay for Alipay? Now Ali attaches great importance to this project and invests a lot of money in publicity and activities. As a whole, the tickets of Feizhu scenic spot are relatively low.

2、 Is flying pig reliable?

First download the app of Feizhu, then open the software, enter the homepage of Feizhu, select the scenic spot ticket, and click enter.

1. You can compare the tickets on some other platforms. First of all, the tickets for scenic spots have real name certification of relevant scenic spots

2. Secondly, the purchase of scenic spot tickets is obtained through the real name authentication of ID card. Each user must have corresponding valid ID card to purchase, so as to put an end to scalpers.

3. If there is a problem with the ticket you bought for the flying pig scenic spot, you can actually protect your interests by calling customer service.

4. The most important point is that it's reliable to book tickets on You can use ant flower to book tickets on It doesn't need to spend your money, so in a sense, your temporary loss is only the amount of ant flower. Because its predecessor is Alibaba's product, it is well-known and reliable.

3、 How can I apply for a refund?

Open the website and there will be some quick links at the bottom to find the corresponding refund or endorsement service. If not, you can directly consult customer service. After opening the interface, find the transaction dispute. There will be purchase and return processes of each nature. After getting familiar with the processes, you can do as you like.

Because the purchase of tourism goods is three-way, in addition to the audit of online customer service, there are two situations. One is that the buyer applies for refund when the goods are not received, and the seller needs to modify the agreement within the specified time if he does not agree, but the buyer can apply for online customer service intervention if the buyer does not modify it for more than 7 days.

The above is the introduction of why flying pig tickets are so cheap. It's very reliable to buy tickets on flying pig, after all, it's a regular website.