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Can baby eczema take a bath with moxa leaf

Sihaiwang: Generally speaking, baby eczema can be bathed with moxa leaf. Mugwort leaf is a very common herb, it has a very good effect and function, it can effectively relieve the baby eczema symptoms by bathing. How about the details? Let's take a look at it in detail!

Can baby eczema take a bath with moxa leaf

Wormwood leaves taste bitter, pungent and warm. It can regulate qi and blood, warm meridians, cool dampness and stop cold pain. It can dispel dampness and stop itching by external washing of decoction.

Because of its antibacterial and antiviral effects, it has a certain effect on the treatment of eczema, skin allergy and other skin diseases.

Therefore, baby eczema can be bathed with moxa leaf.

How to bathe baby

Dry the fresh Wormwood Leaves or go directly to the drugstore to buy the dried Wormwood Leaves. Take four beads of the dried Wormwood Leaves, wash them with clean water to remove impurities, put them in a large pot and boil them with water. Then boil them for about 5-10 minutes on a low heat. Then take out the Wormwood Leaves and introduce the medicine juice into the bath. When the water temperature drops to about 40 ℃, you can start bathing. Wash them once a day or every other day until eczema is cured.

Baby eczema bath can also use what snake bed honeysuckle wash

Formula: Cnidium 9g, honeysuckle 9g, chrysanthemum 9g, licorice 6g

Preparation method: wash the affected area with decoction or wet compress, 2-3 times a day, about 10 minutes each time.

Efficacy: this prescription has a certain effect on the treatment of eczema.

Snake bed white ringworm skin formula

Formula: 30g of Xanthium sibiricum, 15g of Cnidium, 15g of moss skin, 15g of Atractylodes macrocephala, 15g of Sophora flavescens, 15g of rhubarb, 15g of Phellodendron amurense, 15g of Kochia.

Preparation method: decoct the filtrate and wash the affected area after it is warm and cool. One dose per day, one time in the morning, one in the middle and one in the evening. This is the dosage for 2-3-year-old children, 1 / 3 reduction for children under 1 year old.

Efficacy: detoxify and remove dampness, eliminate rash and spots.

What to pay attention to when taking a bath for baby eczema

​ water temperature should not be overheated

When baby eczema bathes with medicinal water, the water temperature should not be overheated. If the water temperature is overheated, it will easily aggravate the itching symptoms, making baby more uncomfortable.

Do not use soapy water to stimulate

When bathing a baby with eczema, wash it directly with liquid medicine. Do not wash it with alkaline lotion such as soap water, or it will irritate the skin and aggravate the symptoms of eczema.

Be careful not to catch cold

After showering the baby with eczema, it is necessary to dry the water in time and wear clothes in time to avoid catching cold and aggravating the disease.

Control bath time

Although medicated lotion has certain effect on eczema treatment, it is necessary to control the bath time. Generally speaking, the bath time should not exceed 10 minutes, so as to stimulate the baby's skin excessively.

Other nursing points of baby eczema

​ keep skin clean

Infants with eczema do not need treatment, but pay attention to the baby's skin care, keep the skin clean, if necessary, appropriate use of multivitamins and other drugs.

No hormone cream

Don't use any of the excipient ointment by yourself, because more than 1 of this kind of medicine will be absorbed by the skin, which will bring side effects to the baby's body. Pay attention to keep the baby's defecation unobstructed, avoid vaccination in acute period, especially BCG vaccine and cerebrospinal meningitis vaccine, and avoid eating meat and fishy hair, such as eggs, milk, seafood, etc.

Stop breastfeeding

Breastfeeding can reduce the level of eczema. Protein complementary food should be added later, such as eggs, fish and shrimp. Generally, babies begin to add it gradually from 6 months. For babies with eczema, it is recommended to add it 1-2 months later and slowly. The baby's diet should be as fresh as possible, avoiding the processed food containing pigment, preservative or stabilizer, expansion agent, etc. Observe which foods your baby will be allergic to, and avoid those foods later. Baby food to light diet is good, should be less salt, in order to avoid body fluid too much and prone to eczema.

Wear pure cotton

Close fitting clothes are best made of cotton. Clothes should be slightly cool, loose and soft. The bedding on the bed is best made of cotton. Clothes, pillows and bedding should be changed frequently to keep dry. Do not use silk, wool, chemical fiber and other products.

Gradually add new food

Do not add more than one food at a time when adding new food to the food your baby usually eats. Increase it one by one in the interval of 3-4 days to confirm the skin reaction.

Breathe more outside air

Breathing external air can exercise the baby's skin and breath. When the weather is good, take the baby out for a walk or let the baby play outside. The amount of exercise increases and appetite also increases. More contact with nature and find the balance of the immune system by yourself.

Bath and skin care

It's best to wash bath with warm water, avoid alkaline bath products with strong degreasing, and choose slightly acidic bath products. Skin care products should choose hypoallergenic or anti allergenic preparations for skin care, and it is better to conduct skin sensitivity test to understand the skin's response to the skin care products used and prevent the occurrence of allergy in time.