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What to do with baby eczema

Sihaiwang: generally, after the baby gets eczema, many mothers will apply eczema cream to the baby. There are many kinds of eczema cream, so what kind of eczema cream is good for babies? How to use it? Let's take a look at it in detail!

Which kind of baby eczema cream is better

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Product features:

(1) Professional eczema formula can promote the formation of skin micro acid protective film, prevent eczema, rough skin, allergy and other symptoms without affecting the skin's self function, and ensure health.

(2) relieve astringency: add natural dentin extract and aloe ingredients to protect skin from external stimulation.

(3) Moisturizing nutrition: add sodium hyaluronate, vitamin-b5, etc. to promote skin health.

(4) Double protection and repair: pH5.5 micro acid formula, providing sebum protection function.

2. Poko infant eczema cream 30g

Product features:

(1) Specially developed for baby's delicate skin.

(2) No hormone, no odor, mild and no side effects.

(3) Protect baby's sensitive and delicate skin. Ambais

3. PH5.5 baby eczema cream

Product features:

(1) Effective prevention of eczema, eczema surface exudation to prevent infection.

(2) Especially add plant cooling agent to relieve the redness and itching caused by eczema.

(3) Accelerate cell metabolism, slow down inflammation, pain and other discomfort.

(4) PH5.5 slightly acidic formula, safer and milder.

Baby eczema cream used several times a day

Use baby eczema cream three times a day.

The main ingredients of Baobao eczema cream include: Sophora flavescens, Folium Isatidis, Kochia, cortex bryophytes and other traditional Chinese medicine. It is suitable for skin eczema, children's urine rash, milk rash, mosquito bites, skin allergy, sweat eczema, skin pruritus, etc.

Although baby eczema cream has almost no side effects, it can not be overused. It is generally recommended to apply it three times a day.

Side effects of baby eczema cream

The main ingredients of baby eczema cream are Sophora flavescens, Folium Isatidis, Kochia, cortex bryophytes and other traditional Chinese medicines, which belong to the traditional Chinese medicine preparation. Therefore, baby eczema cream does not contain hormones, nor has obvious toxic and side effects. It is a commonly used cream suitable for baby eczema.

Of course, there are certain differences in the composition and content of baby eczema cream produced by specific manufacturers. Whether there are specific side effects or not needs to be fully confirmed according to the judgment of doctors.