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What does yoghurt match to lose weight well

Sihaiwang: yogurt has always been considered the best diet. What a woman is most afraid of is to grow fat. She has been fighting against weight loss all her life. Can you lose weight after eating yogurt? May as well and small make up understand next!

What does yoghurt match to lose weight well

​ &_; &_; &_; &_; &_; &; &; 1. Cucumber & times; yoghurt: beauty and slimming

Because cucumber and yoghurt are low calorie foods, and cucumber is a very good beauty diet food, so eating together with yoghurt can enhance the effect of weight loss, and you don't need to worry about eating fat with this combination.

2. Papaya & times; yoghurt: lose weight and breast

Because papaya is a low calorie fruit, eat also easy to eat full, it is conducive to beauty breast weight loss. The papaya juice mixed with yoghurt can achieve the effect of reducing weight and breast enhancement.

3. Brown sugar & times; yoghurt: relieve constipation

Add brown sugar into yogurt and drink it. It can improve the intestinal environment and relieve constipation. And can help the body fat burning, is very beneficial to lose weight.

4. Apple & times; yoghurt: help digestion

Eating apple has the function of reducing weight and helping digestion. If you eat apple and yoghurt together, it will have a very fresh taste and make people feel comfortable. At the same time, the effect of helping digestion will be better.

5. Green tea & times; yoghurt: thin stomach anti radiation

Put the green tea powder into the yoghurt and drink it evenly, which can eliminate the toxins in the body. At the same time, drinking this kind of green tea and yoghurt can relieve constipation and prevent the growth of small belly. Of course, drinking it can also resist radiation.

6. Banana & times; yoghurt: moisten the intestines and fill the stomach

Banana is rich in nutrition and low in calories. It is a good fruit to lose weight. It also contains rich dietary fiber and is a good nutritious food. Therefore, eating a small amount of banana will have a great sense of fullness. It is easier to be full with yogurt without hunger. Therefore, it can reduce the intake of other foods and help to lose weight.

7. Red wine & times; yoghurt: detoxification and beauty

Because yoghurt is rich in two tailed bacteria and Lactobacillus, it has the effect of defecation, and red wine has the effect of beauty, so the two collocations can be very good for constipation treatment. Can let because of constipation and store in the body of waste and harmful substances are very good out of the body.

8. Dried fruits & times; yoghurt: supplementary nutrition

Yoghurt and dried fruit are good for reducing weight, treating constipation, improving arteriosclerosis, muscle and other problems. It can also prevent cancer and relieve eye fatigue caused by long-term exposure to computer.

Method: smash the nuts (almond, bilgeng fruit, walnut, etc.) and sprinkle them on the yoghurt or mix well to drink. One bowl a day, when breakfast is the best.

Can you lose weight by drinking yogurt after dinner

Many people like to drink yogurt immediately after a meal to break down the greasiness of the meal, and even many people think that eating yogurt after a meal is more beneficial, which is actually a misunderstanding.

Because yogurt itself contains a certain amount of energy, generally speaking, 100 grams of milk contains 54 kcal of energy, while yogurt is 72 kcal, even the energy of nonfat yogurt is not low. Drinking yogurt after a meal is equal to taking in extra energy. If you do this every day, you may gain a lot of weight.

Generally speaking, the best effect is to drink yogurt between 30 minutes and 2 hours after meals. Generally, the pH value of human gastric juice is low, which is not suitable for the growth of active lactobacillus in yoghurt. About 2 hours after a meal, the human gastric juice is diluted, and the pH value will rise. At this time, drinking yoghurt is the most beneficial to absorb the nutrition.

Yogurt diet recommendation

Many mm have talked about the method of yogurt weight loss, but the specific methods of drinking yogurt are different. How to drink yogurt to lose weight is said to want to lose less than 3kg, we must drink yogurt for three days in a row, if we want to lose 5kg, we must drink it for seven days in a row. Many artists are using this method to lose weight.

When can I drink yogurt to lose weight

​ early morning and noon

If you feel hungry in your stomach, drink a bowl of soup, take a few bites of rice or a few biscuits first. Then drink a portion of yogurt (200ml). Then eat 100g chicken / lamb / fish / offal / blood. These things are primarily supplemented with iron. Plus a plate of vegetables, no cooked vegetables can eat small tomatoes / big tomatoes / lettuce, etc. Drink two cups of Oolong tea after the meal.

4 p.m.

You can have another cup of yogurt when you are hungry.


Before the meal, drink a glass of water or soup, and then eat a plate of green leafy vegetables (cooked in the soup with chicken essence, or add a few drops of sesame oil and salad). Then have a cup of yogurt the same as noon. You can eat some fruit when you are hungry.