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Who are the top 8 Asian champions

Who are the top 8 Asian champions as of the evening of April 17, Beijing time, all the competitions of group G and group H of the Asian championships have been finished. The last round of the competitions of group E and group F will be held tomorrow night. However, the top eight Asian champions have been released, namely, group E, all North Hyundai (South Korea), Tianjin Quan Jian (China), group F, Shanghai Shanggang (China), Weishan Hyundai (South Korea), group G, Guangzhou Evergrande (China) and wulinanlian (Thailand) and group H, Suwon Samsung (South Korea), Kajima antler (Japan).

Shanghai Shenhua is the only Chinese team that failed to break through this season's 4-expense sub championship. Evergrande and Shanghai Hong Kong are both promoted to the knockout stage as the top of the group. Tianjin Quanjian, the remaining team, still has the chance to compete for the top of the group. Otherwise, the new runner up will encounter Guangzhou Evergrande in the 1 / 8 final.

Quan Jian will play against bosun at home tomorrow night, while Quanbei Hyundai will play against Jiezhi at home. On the premise that Jiezhi defeats Quanbei Hyundai, Quan Jian defeats bosun. Sosa's team will be promoted to the top of the group to avoid the civil war between CSL and Evergrande. In other cases, Quan Jian will face Evergrande in the Asian championship.

Asian Championship East Asia knockout match:

Shanghai Shanggang vs Ludao antler

Shuiyuan Sanxing vs Weishan modern

Guangzhou Evergrande vs Tianjin Quanjian / Quanbei modern

Tianjin Quanjian / Quanbei modern vs wulinanlian

The former team will play the knockout two rounds after visiting.