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What's the matter when the express hasn't arrived in one month on April 16, Mr. Wang called the news hotline of the Chinese business daily to report that the goods of his mail balance car were not delivered, and the express agents for collecting goods are not found at present. Yesterday morning, when the reporter contacted Mr. Wang, he said that the courier had been arrested.

According to Mr. Wang, on March 16, the courier came to the community to receive the goods. Because Mr. Wang's balance car was overweight, the courier took the goods back to weigh them before charging. 'it wasn't until April 3 that the courier came to collect my delivery fee of 13 yuan. I urged him many times during this period, but he always said for a few days. After receiving the express fee on April 3, I didn't get the logistics list. 'Mr. Wang said,' it will be completely lost in the future. '

At noon on the 17th, Mr. Li, a postmaster in charge, said: 'the courier was 25 years old and had been employed for more than a month. He was dismissed in early April because of complaints from customers about his poor service attitude. After receiving Mr. Wang's complaint, our company has also been looking for the courier. We learned that he was arrested because he owed money and was being interrogated at Daming Palace police station. At present, our company has fully compensated Mr. Wang for more than 950 yuan, including the value of goods and freight. '

Mr. Li said: 'on April 3, the courier was dismissed from our company when he collected the express fee from Mr. Wang. At present, our company has made full compensation. The courier claimed to have sent Mr. Wang's goods through the downstairs express collection point. We will check the logistics destination. '

On the afternoon of the 17th, the reporter of the Chinese business daily learned that Mr. Li had not found the logistics record of the express delivery sent by the courier concerned. 'we will continue to investigate the matter. '

Despite full compensation, Mr. Wang believes that the loss of express delivery exposed the industry's irregularities.

Mr. Li said: 'employees will receive training when they enter the company, but due to different qualities, there will still be various problems. It is understood that since 2015, the relevant departments have been advocating that couriers work with certificates, but it is difficult to operate in practice due to the large mobility of employees.