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Enrollment time of 2019 postgraduate entrance examination qualification of 2091 postgraduate entranc

When is the enrollment time for postgraduate entrance examination in 2019? What are the conditions for admission? The students who want to take the postgraduate entrance examination come and have a look.

The registration time of 2019 postgraduate entrance examination is announced.

1. Postgraduate entrance examination forecast Name: open to undergraduate fresh students

Forecast name time: from September 24 to September 27 (9:00 to 22:00 every day)

2. Formal application for postgraduate entrance examination

Official registration time: from October 10 to October 31, 2018 (9:00-22:00 every day)

How to choose the entry point for postgraduate entrance examination in 2019?

1. You can't choose your own place, but other places in the province should.

2. According to the regulations: in principle, fresh graduates can choose the provincial (District, city) registration point where they study.

3. Whether or not you can choose a candidate outside the province depends on whether the selected candidate is accepted.

Enrollment plan for all types of people in 2019

Application for academic qualifications requires that fresh and previous graduates who have received national recognition of academic qualifications can directly apply for the examination. After two years or more (from junior college graduation to admission to master's degree on September 1 of the year) after graduation, the college graduates who have achieved the same academic capacity as the undergraduate graduates and meet the specific business requirements of the candidates proposed by the recruitment unit according to the training objectives of the unit shall apply for the examination as the graduates with the same academic capacity.

College graduates of adult college entrance examination college graduates of adult colleges and universities recognized by the state, two years or more after graduation (September 1 of the year from college graduation to admission as master's student, the same below) or more, reaching the same academic capacity as college graduates (including undergraduate graduates recognized by the state and fresh undergraduate graduates of adult colleges and universities), and in line with the enrollment unit according to this The training objectives of the unit can apply for the examination with the same academic capacity for the candidates with specific business requirements.

It is recognized by the state that the adult education degree of the former undergraduate students should be or should be. The former undergraduate students of adult education can directly apply for the examination with the qualification of undergraduate students. However, due to the lack of Bachelor degree when applying for the examination (in the middle of November every year), the fresh undergraduates of adult education can only apply for the examination with the same academic qualification, which is different from the fresh undergraduates of full-time colleges and universities.

The students of self-study examination of higher education and self-study examination of undergraduate and online education can apply for the unified entrance examination of national postgraduate no matter whether they have obtained the degree or not. The graduates of self-study college are qualified to apply for the examination only after they have worked for two years after they have obtained the diploma of self-study college. Some schools, on the basis of this condition, have to pass the provisions of the main courses of self-study college, and some schools have stipulated that some majors do not recruit college graduates. For details, candidates should consult with the graduate recruitment office of the University in advance. In fact, correspondence education of Party school graduates is an internal training that the party carries out in order to improve the theoretical quality and professional level of the majority of Party members and cadres, and build a team of high-quality party members and cadres.

Compared with national education (i.e. ordinary colleges and universities, adult colleges and universities, higher education self-study examination, etc.), the "import" should be wider and the "export" should be looser. According to relevant documents: 'correspondence graduates of Party schools shall not enjoy the same treatment of national education. Please confirm the specific regulations of postgraduate entrance examination with the applicant. From 2002, the graduates (who have no graduation certificate but have not completed all the specified academic subjects and have the graduation certificate of the general university) can apply for the examination according to the same academic capacity. The students who have completed part of the specified academic subjects during a period of study in the general university shall have the certificate of four courses in the general university, which shall be implemented according to the requirements of different schools.

The same academic capacity: 1. Pass the undergraduate course; 2. Achieve the undergraduate graduation level in English; 3. Require to publish papers or have scientific research results; 4. Add two professional courses in the second round exam (for the above problems, the first and fourth are the common requirements of each recruiting unit, while the second and third recruiting units have different requirements). Those who have obtained master's degree or doctor's degree or master's degree can apply for master's degree again, but only those who are entrusted to train or self funded can apply for master's degree.