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How to repair the scalding mark on the solid wood dining table? How to choose the solid wood dining

Solid wood furniture is very expensive in the price of furniture. If the high-end solid wood dining table is accidentally scalded by hot things, what should we do if there are traces of scalding left?

How to deal with the hot stamping of solid wood dining table

1. If it's a real wood dining table with varnish, just wipe it with ordinary iodine wine, and then rub it with a rag every two days, the trace will disappear.

2. If the furniture is painted with lacquer (Chinese lacquer), just pour a little alcohol or Shaojiu on the place where the cup is scalded, and burn it with fire, and the scalding mark will be removed immediately.

3. It can also be wiped with kerosene, alcohol and dew.

4. You can also make a cup of strong tea and wipe it with a soft cloth.

5. If you apply some Vaseline cream on the scalding mark, rub it with a rag after a day or two, and it will be as good as new.

The material is very important

Solid wood table has always been loved by consumers for its natural, environmental protection and health. But it is also because of its material itself with some of the shortcomings that people are hesitant to buy it. Solid wood furniture is easy to deform and difficult to maintain, which requires us to have a deeper understanding of its material when purchasing solid wood dining table. At the same time, we also need to check it strictly: the smooth and flat surface, clear texture and exquisite workmanship are the basic elements of solid wood dining table purchase.

Estimate dining area

Secondly, before buying the solid wood table, we need to determine the size of our dining area, so that we can better determine the size and shape of the solid wood table. The long solid wood dining table requires a larger dining area, and the round one is relatively small. Irregular is smaller, more suitable for two people practical, folding is not so many requirements, more flexible.

Decoration style

Again, when buying solid wood dining table, we should also combine the overall style of our restaurant decoration to decide. With the particularity of its material, the processing of solid wood furniture is not as complicated as other materials. People always like the original ecological and natural form of solid wood furniture. Therefore, in the choice of solid wood dining table, we should also choose according to our own home environment.

How to choose solid wood table and chair

Nowadays, the so-called solid wood furniture (including tables and chairs) sold in the market is hard to distinguish, because many so-called "solid wood furniture" are pasted (for example, a layer of paper with wood grain is pasted on the density board). Like the solid wood dining table, there are many of its desktops are made of 'cabinet board', only four legs and solid wood around the desktop.

1, look at

Look at the opposite side of the table (low wood frame) and turn the chair over to look at the opposite side, focusing on the edges around and the cross section of wood (wood has cross section). If it's a sticker, you can often see it.

2, smell

Smell it with your nose to identify whether it's wood or paint or glue.

3, shallow

It's easy to choose light color for solid wood furniture. Generally speaking, real wood furniture will not be covered with thick color. Unless it's true.

4, price

It can be said that the price of real wood furniture is very high, which depends on what kind of wood. For example, a real solid wood table of 1.2m can't be bought for hundreds of yuan.

How to maintain the solid wood dining table

1. Keep away from the parts with strong air flow and avoid exposure to sunlight.

2. Don't put it near the heating in winter, and avoid cracks in summer due to wet expansion and deformation.

3. Keep the table clean and clean, wipe the dust with gauze. Do not use chemicals to avoid damage.

4. Wipe with soft cotton along the grain.

5. Wax every six months or a year.