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What is the custom of eating on March 3 in Guangxi? What are the taboos on March 3 in Guangxi

The third day of the third lunar month is a traditional festival in Guangxi. It is also a legal holiday so that everyone can get together. What do people in Guangxi eat on March 3? What should we pay attention to when we go to the local tourism?

What should I eat on March 3

Boiled eggs with shepherd's purse

In Hunan, there is a custom of cooking eggs with shepherd's purse on the third day of March. Spring is the season of shepherd's purse, and shepherd's purse homophony is' gathering money '. Shepherd's purse, also known as the field vegetables, etc., is a kind of wild vegetables growing in the field. Shepherd's purse boiled eggs not only can dispel rheumatism, clear fire, make waist and legs not painful, but also can prevent spring fever. Therefore, the folk have "March 3, shepherd's purse when the elixir.". 'is a folk saying.

Colored sticky rice

Every year, on the third day of the third lunar month or the Qingming Festival, every family of Zhuang people will steam five colored glutinous rice for the festival. Five color glutinous rice is named for its black, red, yellow, purple and white colors. Zhuang people regard five color glutinous rice as a symbol of "good luck" and "abundant grain". It is an excellent food for guests and one of the offerings for ancestors. Zhuang people like five color glutinous rice very much, but because of the differences in language, Zhuang people in different regions have different names for five color glutinous rice. Some of them are called Jianneng, others are called black rice, green rice, five color rice, flower rice, etc.


Artemisia seed cake is also called Artemisia seed cake. It is another method derived from the traditional Jiangnan green troupe. It is a folk custom of Han nationality in Jianghuai and Jiangnan areas of Anhui Province to eat Artemisia seed cake on March 3 of the lunar calendar every year. In March of each year, the family collects the tender leaves of Artemisia Baba, cleans them, mixes sticky rice and glutinous rice flour to make a flat and round Baba, puts it into a pot, steams it with high fire, and tastes soft, glutinous, sweet and delicious. The custom of eating Artemisia seed Baba is to commemorate the dead, and at the same time wish everyone a long and healthy life, not invaded by evil spirits.

Griddle Cake

Eating pancakes on the third day of the third lunar month is one of the traditional customs of Tongan people in Fujian Province. After Zheng successfully recovered Taiwan, his son, Zheng Jing, inherited his father's career and continued to fight against the Qing Dynasty. He sent troops to attack the southern Fujian area many times, causing heavy casualties to the people due to the tenacious resistance of the Qing army. Under the counter attack of Zheng army, the Qing army surrendered and Zheng army entered the city. The common people met Zheng army while making pancakes to sacrifice their relatives and friends. Later, people used pancakes to sacrifice to their ancestors on the third day of the third day of the third lunar month.

Sweet wine sponge cake

Since ancient times, there have been many unique customs of Zhuang people in Guangxi, some of which have remained unchanged. Some people live in Qingming and some people live in March 3 in Guangxi. The most representative sacrificial snack is sweet wine cake. When the Zhuang people in Guangxi go to the mountain to visit their tombs on March 3, they not only offer sweet wine cake to their ancestors, but also eat it after the sacrifice, which is said to be blessed.

What are the stresses and taboos on March 3

Forehead to show: there is a positive light on the forehead, do not let the hair cover the forehead, otherwise it will affect your luck, especially on the day of Zhongyuan Festival, it is better to show it.

Don't say the word "ghost": on the day of Zhongyuan Purdue, the ghost almost came out of the house and was everywhere, especially at the scene of Purdue Dharma Association, it must be full of "ghost". Therefore, it is better to be cautious when crossing the Zhongyuan river. In addition to saying the word "ghost", don't talk recklessly. Be careful that the ghost is around you.

Don't trample: no matter it's a sacrifice or something, don't trample or jump when it's burning, otherwise it will not hinder their actions. It will be bad for you when you are angry.

Avoid washing and airing clothes in the middle of the night: the washed clothes are easy to be adhered to by the free electric waves due to the humidity, so it is not easy to get out of the body. In the ghost month where ghosts are everywhere, airing clothes in the middle of the night is like setting a trap to catch ghosts. Who will it bother you?

Drying clothes at night: when a good brother thinks your clothes are good-looking, he will borrow them and leave his taste on them.

Don't pat other people's shoulders randomly on the day of Zhongyuan Festival: this taboo is related to the folk custom. The folk believe that everyone has three fires on his head and shoulders, which will make ghosts and other people dare not approach. Therefore, when Zhongyuan Purdue, which has the most ghosts, slaps others on the shoulder at will, doesn't it want to put out each other's fire and let the ghost find him trouble.

Taboo of women: people think that women's physical and physiological reasons during a certain period, such as starting work, sacrifice and other things should not be watched in the presence, so as not to offend the gods, lead to misfortune, or make the work unable to proceed smoothly. During this period, women's aura is relatively weak and vulnerable, so we should be more cautious.

Don't catch dragonflies and katydids: people think these two kinds of insects are the incarnation of ghosts. Catch them randomly and guide them to the door carefully.

Whistling: there are ghosts in the streets of all ages. When you whistle at night, God knows who you are.

Against the wall: good brothers usually like to rest on the cold wall, which is easy to cause ghosts.

Hanging windbell on the head of the bed: windbell is easy to attract good brothers, while sleeping is the most vulnerable time to be 'invaded'.

Stealing sacrifices: These are the food belonging to good brothers. If you use them without their consent, you will only bring yourself hard luck.

Introduction to March 3

The third day of the third lunar month is a traditional festival of many ethnic groups in China, among which the Zhuang nationality is the typical one. In ancient times, young men and women of the Zhuang nationality gathered in the streets to sing and gather at Riverside banquets. In the Central Plains, there is the saying that March 3 worships ancestors and March 3 worships Xuanyuan. In the Zhuang legend, March 3 is the birthday of Pangu, the father of Buluo, the first ancestor of Zhuang.

On the third day of the third lunar month, it is not only a simple Zhuang Traditional outing Festival, but also an important day for Zhuang people to worship their ancestors, Pangu and Buluotuo.