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Interview announcement of qualification examination for primary and secondary school teachers in the according to the unified deployment of the Ministry of education, we hereby announce the following matters related to the qualification examination (interview) and enrollment of primary and secondary school teachers in the first half of 2018 in Jilin Province:

Conditions for registration

(1) Performance conditions

Candidates who have passed the written examination of the national primary and secondary school teacher qualification examination and are within the validity period (the validity period of the written examination is 2 years) can apply for the interview. In the first half of 2018, the results of the written examination for the qualification examination of primary and secondary school teachers will be announced on April 19, 2018. Candidates can log in to with their name and ID card number;

(2) Basic conditions

1. Residents with the nationality of the people's Republic of China, who have not reached the legal retirement age of the state, and whose household registration or personnel relationship (who must sign an employment contract with the employer for more than one year and pay social insurance) are in Jilin Province.

2. In line with the requirements for academic qualifications stipulated in the teachers law.

(1) Applicants for kindergarten teacher qualification must have graduated from kindergarten normal school or above.

(2) Applicants for primary school teacher qualification must have graduated from a secondary normal school or above.

(3) Candidates for junior middle school teacher qualification must have a college degree or above.

(4) Applicants for senior middle school teacher qualifications and secondary vocational school teacher qualifications must have a bachelor's degree or above.

(5) Those who apply for the qualification of internship guidance teachers in secondary vocational schools must have graduated from secondary vocational schools or above, and have the corresponding professional and technical positions of assistant engineers or above, or the qualification of intermediate or above vocational skills.

(6) According to the regulations of the Ministry of education, the graduation degree of preschool education, primary education and other education majors of secondary vocational schools that have not been approved by the provincial education administrative department and reported to the Ministry of education for the record shall not be regarded as the qualified degree for applying for kindergarten and primary school teacher qualification examination.

(7) Full time college students of grade three or above and junior college students of or below in the last academic year who meet the above academic qualifications can apply for the examination at the place where the school is located with the certificate of study at home issued by the school.

3. If the teacher's qualification is revoked, he / she shall not register for the examination within five years; if he / she is deprived of political rights, or if he / she is subject to criminal punishment of more than fixed-term imprisonment for intentional crime, he / she shall not register for the examination; if he / she has ever participated in the teacher's qualification examination and has cheated, it shall be implemented in accordance with the relevant provisions of the measures of the people's Republic of China for the handling of violations of educational examination.

Note: if the candidates fail to meet the application conditions and obtain the interview qualification of the primary and secondary school teachers' qualification examination and pass the interview, the consequences such as failure to identify shall be borne by the candidates themselves.