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How to use hair care oil? Is it for wet hair or dry hair

Perm and dye the hair will inevitably damage the hair. In the face of damaged hair, of course, it is necessary to repair it. Then it is necessary to use the essential oil of hair care. How to use the essential oil of hair care? Is it for wet hair or dry hair? How to use it? Come and have a look with Xiaobian.

Hair care oil for wet or dry hair

Can be used.

When wet hair is used, the glossiness of water-based hair oil is higher;

When dry hair is used, the glossiness will decrease.

In fact, it's the most effective when it's half dry.

You can put it on your hair when it's not dry after bathing, and it will have a long fragrance. As long as you don't mind the smell, this method is very good. After the hair is completely dry, you need to use more, otherwise it is difficult to spread.

If it is a compound scalp massage oil for hair care, it is generally used before shampoo. After the scalp is absorbed by massage, it will wash hair normally about half an hour later. If you use hair care oil, you can apply it to the hair surface when it is half dry after shampoo.

Application steps of hair care essential oil before Shampoo

When the hair is damaged, the essential oil needed by the scalp should be used before using the shampoo (such as: lavender, chamomile, geranium, rose, jasmine for dandruff; tea tree and Lavender Chamomile for fungus, but tea tree is the best choice; rosemary and Geranium can be selected to help the hair grow when the hair is lost; Geranium can be used to treat baldness and promote blood circulation )Apply the essential oil of hair care to the epidermis of the head and the easily damaged hair tip, massage the scalp carefully. If the scalp is especially dry, it can be mixed with base oil, combined with yoga stick massage to absorb it, then roll it up with a hot towel, which will better help to moisturize and repair, and finally rinse it with water.


When using shampoo, try to use neutral shampoo, which is conducive to protecting hair repair and helping scalp detoxification, because essential oil is to play a paste like 40-70% function, plus the hair itself contains protein, if it is gel like shampoo, it is easy to cause hair burn and zoom, on the contrary, essential oil in paste like shampoo can make hair more smooth and shiny. Use shampoo (neutral) to mix 2-3 drops of essential oil for massage. Massage for 10-15 minutes to help absorb and detoxify essential oil. After washing, rinse with water repeatedly until there is no shampoo on the hair.

After shampoo

After shampooing, wipe off the water with a towel, and then pull up the hair bit by bit with a hair dryer until it is only half dry. Make various hairstyles according to your hobbies. If the hair is dry, you can wipe jojoba oil, wheat germ or sweet almond oil to repair and reshape. It can also be added to the styling agent to keep moisture and texture. It can be mixed in elastin and gel to prevent hair from drying, so as to avoid electrostatic friction when combing, and control the temperature of the hair dryer when blowing. For people with soft hair, when combing their hair, add a few drops of single essential oil + base oil to mix when spraying moisturizing styling solution on the hair, which will give play to elasticity and strength, make the hair lasting, and also increase the repair and fluffy feeling of the hair. If the hair knot can be wiped a little base oil on the hair tip or comb to do hair scale repair, rather than tough pull off.

Precautions for using hair care essential oil

1. Do not use too much hair care essential oil every time, about 2-3 drops each time;

2. Do not use hair care essential oil every day, usually once or twice a week;

3. Oily hair mm can also use hair care oil Oh, but pay attention to wash after;

4. Essential oil is not only used after shampoo, but also can be used in dry or wet hair;

5. When using hair care essential oil, it's better to divide the hair into different areas. Then, use appropriate amount of essential oil in each area to let it blend into the hair and avoid covering the repeated hair;

6. Mm when using hair care essential oil, it should be applied to the hair tip more, because usually the hair tip is damaged more seriously;

7. It is best to choose neutral and natural hair care products when purchasing, so as to ensure the maximum efficacy and best smell of essential oil;

8. For convenience, some friends drop essential oil directly into the bottle of shampoo, which is not advisable! A large bottle of shampoo will be used for several months, while the blended essential oil can only be stored for one week, which will lead to the deterioration of the essential oil and will not play the role of hair care. The correct way is to mix it with the use or the amount of one week at a time.