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2018's latest popular Korean TV series ranking 2018 good looking Korean TV series summary

2018's latest popular Korean TV series ranking 2018 good looking Korean TV series summary Korean dramas are a magical existence in China. Although Korean dramas have been broadcast in China for decades, they are still popular this year. Moreover, Korean dramas are not as simple as the "car accident", "brother and sister", "life experience". In recent years, the quality of Korean dramas is really admired. What are the popular Korean dramas in 2018? Let's take a look at 2018's latest popular Korean TV series ranking.

Yannan cave 539

Starring: Li Zhonghe, Wu Yuner, Gao Youli, Li Canzhi

The play takes share house in yannandong as the background and tells the story of people who live together for various reasons. It is a sitcom with a small story in each episode.

Li Zhonghe plays the role of a hot blooded criminal policeman who is bound to go through fire and water. Wu Yuner, who will play yinina, is a woman who pays great attention to self-management and has beautiful young face and body-building. For the first time, teen top plays Zhao Dayun, a high school student with cold appearance and warm heart.

Biography of Korean beauty

Starring: Yeo one, Ginny

The play is a new year's special musical short play with only two episodes, directed by Jin Daxian and CO produced by Jing Minshan.

This is a musical TV play with Korean characteristics. Based on the traditional music, the Korean singing drama will be performed with a sense of generation and highlight the gorgeous scenes. The play takes the first beauty selection conference held in the Korean period as the background and tells the story of the protagonists' youth.

Worry about

Starring: Li Zhengxin, Li lieyin, Xu Zhijun

Adapted from the Internet cartoon of the same name, the play tells the story of Jiang Xinyu, the hero who lost his first love and has been unforgettable for 10 years. He went back ten years ago through time and space, met his young self and started a fight with him.


Starring: Li Ruoyu, Gao Xianzhen, Zheng Encai, Shen Chenglu)

The play tells the story of the court, which was launched by the two generations of poor lawyers and the lawyers whose work was interrupted because their husband became a homicide suspect.

Gao Xianzhen's role is Cui Zihui, a lawyer of the poor second generation who hosts the TV court show return. Shen Chenglu plays a representative of IT company, while Zheng Enlai is Qin Nala, a lawyer with no working experience.


Starring: Li Baoying, Li Huiying, Xu LV, Gao Shengxi

Adapted from a Japanese drama of the same name, the play tells the story of a teacher abducting a abused girl and becoming her mother.

Li BAOYING plays nanxiuzhen, a 30-year-old ornithologist in the play. She accidentally takes charge of science lessons in primary school as a substitute teacher. She meets Huina (Xu Fran), a girl in need of care in the school, and is determined to become Huina's mother.

After reading the notice, I'm really looking forward to it~

《Radio Romance》

It tells the romantic story of Chi Zhihao, a top star who can't do anything without a script, and song Kelin, a radio screenwriter who is good at anything but writing, who invited him to become a DJ, in the live radio program that never follows the script.

This is the first work of dazzled girls' paper in adulthood. When it's previewed, it's Bobo. The picture is also sweet~

In addition, the third season of "let's eat together" has been made, and the man is still Wuli doujun oba~


Starring: Gao gengpui, Cao Youxian, Quan Zhaomin

It tells the story of a man who, in order to avenge his father who was killed 13 years ago, intended to use medical skills as a method of killing and became a doctor, and applied to work in the prison clinic where the murderer was put into prison.

Gao will play Jiang Rengui, an intern at the organ transplant center, who will shuttle between the hospital and the teaching center. Gao Zhengxun, played by Cao Zaixian, is the director of organ transplantation center of Shanlin hospital, and the authority in the field of liver transplantation in the world is a principalist. The role played by Quan Zhaomin is Gao Zhiren, the daughter of Gao Zhengxun played by Cao Juxian, and the organ transplant coordinator of Shanlin hospital.