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What's Zhu Ting's score in 2018 women's volleyball super final

In the first leg of the 2017-2018 Turkish women's volleyball Super League final, wakivu bank, led by Zhu Ting, faced the regular season champion isachi Bashi at home. With Zhu Ting's outstanding performance of winning the scoring king with 25 points alone, she swept the opponents with 25-22, 25-17 and 25-20 in three straight sets. The total score of 3-0 was the first in five three win finals.

Wakiev bank and isachi Bashi played three times in total. Wakiev bank lost 3-0 to each other in the two rounds of the league, but won isachi Bashi 3-0 in the final of the Turkish cup. In the first round of the final, wakiev bank fought at home, starting with Zhu ting and gozd as the main attack, ackman and Rasic as the secondary attack, sloteyes as the successor, natz as the second pass and Ogg as the free agent. Isachi Bashi started with Larson and meriha as the main attack, alichi and klechner as the secondary attack, followed by Boskovic, second pass ojennovic and free man AKZ.

In the first round, wakiev bank started 2-game, relying on Zhu Ting's No. 4 position to break through one after another. 4-2 leads successively, wajifu bank loses 3 points in a row, after relying on Zhu Ting's first attack round, 6 usually loses 2 points in a row. Zhu Ting counterattacks the lob and probes continuously. When wakiefer Bank fell behind 7-9, she scored 4 points and exceeded 11-9 in a row. At one time, she pulled the score to 14-11 in the middle game. Gozd and sloteyes made mistakes in smashing one after another, but Wachovia kept the situation steady and kept the lead 20-17. Since then, the Bank of wakivu has been fluctuating, and isachi Bashi has chased 20. After the 22 draw, isachi Bashi made a mistake in serving, sloteyes fought back and was sentenced to challenge the hitters after being out of bounds. Gozd made a strong attack and wajiv bank scored 3 points in a row to lead the next city 25-22.

In the second round, wakiev bank continued to control the situation, with Zhu Ting's strong attack and stability, rasiqi's attack and blocking winning points continuously, isachi Bashi's consecutive mistakes delivering points, Ackerman and Zhu Ting's blocking successively, wakiev bank 7-2 leading. Isachi Bashi made a series of mistakes after catching up to 6-9, with Wachovia leading 11-6. Gozd served and got points. Zhu Ting fought back the ball successfully. Wakiev bank opened the score to 14-7 in the middle game. Isachi Bashi's attack was blocked, Zhu Ting served two times to score directly, and wakiev bank once extended its lead to 22-12. Although the advantage is too big and a little lax, at the end of the game, wajifu bank scored 2 points in a row with Zhu Ting's strong attack on No. 4 position and went to the next city 25-17.

In the third game, the two teams had a tight score. After the game was tied to 9, wakiev bank scored 2 points in a row and exceeded 11-9. Boskovic had a strong attack on the round, sloteyes scored the ball, Boskovic made a mistake in attack, Zhu Ting hit back twice, wajifu bank pulled away to 15-10 with 4 points in a row. Isachi Bashi grabbed the counterattack to 14-17, ojennovic missed the serve, Boskovic was blocked in attack, wajiv bank led to 19-14. After 20-15, Zhu ting and sloteyes attack successively to get points, wajifu bank leads 22-16. Isachi Bashi chased 19-23, Zhu Ting's diagonal attack hit 24-19 to get the match point. Slotejes made a mistake in counterattack, Rasic stopped Boskovic's strong attack, wajiv bank won 25-20, the total score was 3-0 at home zero issarchibashi.

In addition, Zhu Ting, the main attacker of wajifu bank, scored 25 points, with 35 points, 22 points for attack, 2 points for serve, 1 point for block and 1 point for attack. She was the player who scored the most in the whole game. Take over sloteyes to contribute 12 points, and assist Rasic to get 6 points. Isachi Bashi's only double scorer was the 17 point pick-up from Boskovic. The second round of the final match of tucsu women's volleyball will be held in the early morning of April 20, Beijing time. Wachovia will continue to take on isachi Bashi at home.