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How to prevent the children's online games from the hidden demons? with the popularity of smart phones, mobile games have become rampant, and even some mobile games are developed for children. However, all of us never thought that there were terrorist devils hidden in children's mobile games, which induced girls to do some heinous things. Let's take a look at them together!

In children's games, someone shouted:

'let's see if we can get Micah'

There is such an online game, it is mainly for girls aged 6 to 14. The game can be completed by planting flowers and other tasks or recharging Micah and other cards to change the role. In addition, players can interact with other players and add friends in the game.

A few days ago, some netizens revealed on Weibo that in this children's social network game, some lured girls to chat naked, even met offline for indecency, with free payment of recharge card as bait.

A number of senior players of the game reported to reporters that the online revelations were true. They often saw advertisements luring girls in the game. These people usually shout words in the interactive section of the game, such as "video feed Mika" let watch the body send Mika "and leave their QQ numbers to lure girls to add.

According to netizens, since 2012, some people have used the top-up coupons in the game to lure young girls to have nude photos and videos & hellip; & hellip;

It is understood that shortly after netizens broke the news, the game closed the board that can send advertisements, chat and leave messages. But so far, the game is still running as usual.

Player's information:

Get game clothes for free

11 year old girl undressed for video

Xiaoqiu (pseudonym), is the senior player of the game. She has noticed the presence of these men since 2013.

She told reporters:

The game will produce several sets of free clothes every week, but these clothes are usually ugly, and all good-looking clothes need to be purchased with 'Mika'.

'now a suit is about 3 to 5 Micah, which is about 30 to 50 yuan. '

Xiao Qiu said that the men who entice girls to talk naked may be for the purpose of eliminating girls' vigilance, and will also release the praise from the girl who completed the transaction on the message board.

In 2013, Xiao Qiu met a cheated girl in the game. The girl was only 11 years old.

Xiaoqiu said:

"We praised each other's personas. She said that her clothes were bought for her by men in the world section. The price was to take off her clothes and shoot videos. '

In June this year, Xiaoqiu exposed the QQ number of four men who have long seduced girls in the game in the post bar. She even set up a 'yellow team' with several senior players to fake girls who need Mika to communicate with these men. These conversations are very explicit. The men directly asked for the video of undressing. Some of them also published "transaction records" in QQ space. More men said that they had invited Girls online and offline to have lewd.

Chat screenshots

Screenshot of chat, the conversation is very explicit

Netizens said:

There are many such "strange millet" in online games. Some of them call themselves 15 years old, while others are in their 30s. They are all game trumpets. These trumpets have common characteristics, low-level, and have a recharge record. They will wear the role clothing for the first recharge, which looks like the grade has increased a lot, then buy a lot of game coupons, and advertise on the world channel in the game.

Chat screenshots

'you have to take off your clothes

Look at the top and then the bottom. '

So, the reporter according to the player's exposure, added these men's QQ number, as expected received the naked chat invitation. A man who claims to be 17 years old and a freshman in a key university made a point of saying that Mika can only be given video first, and the content of the video is to be stripped off. The man even marked the price clearly, giving 10 yuan worth of Mika, 20 yuan for naked lower body and 30 yuan for masturbation.

When the reporter said he was only 13 years old, the other side said he didn't mind, and even mentioned that he could meet offline. The reporter then made a video with the man, and the other side directly exposed his lower body. Judging from the voice from the computer, the other side's voice was immature.

To get Mika, he says, you have to take off your clothes and 'look at the top and then the bottom'.

Another man appeared to be very vigilant. He first negotiated a deal with reporters through words on QQ, saying that he would give a micka worth 20 yuan for 15 minutes to expose his private place. In the following video, the other side has been shutting down their cameras and microphones, sending out 'undress' instructions to reporters through text. After being rejected, the other side immediately turns off the video and quickly withdraws the sensitive words.

Men's trumpet 'world cry'

Girls go on and on for top up cards

At the same time, netizens also told reporters that these men's message boards have their QQ numbers, and there are some good comments, some of which are brushed with a small number, some of which are real videos of little girls and him. After the completion of the transaction, they left their comments on them.

After the trumpet shouted in the world, a large number of people went to his house. Although some players try to stop the children from being stupid, there are still girls who go on and on for the game recharge card.

For netizens' information, the staff of the game company to which the game belongs told the media:

In September 2015, some players exposed the event. The company has taken various ways to prevent advertisements from appearing on the game page. At present, it has set up 15000 shielding words, and even added homophonic words of sensitive words. At present, there are no advertisements to lure young children in the game.

But is it true?

Many players said that they would report "strange millet" when they saw it in the game, but it had little effect.

The reporter then called the company and the staff said:

They have received reports from players, and the main way to deal with them is to seal their names.

However, it's not the way to cure the problem. After it's renamed, "strange millet" will register a new number and continue to appear in the game.

According to respondents:

Game companies haven't cured this phenomenon. The key problem lies in the attraction of the game's gold sucking function to girls.

Although this online game based on children's virtual community is aimed at girls aged 6 to 14. But because there are too many "strange millet" on the Internet, from 2015, the company changed the audience of the game to over 14 years old.

Many players said:

There are still many girls under 14 in the game. And the game is extremely expensive, so many girls can't resist the temptation of money in order to get better clothes and equipment.

Men seduce girls in children's online games, perhaps because playing the game costs money. This has become an economic burden for the younger players, so it also gives the 'strange millet' people a chance to take advantage of it.

In this game, anyone can recharge the game currency and trade in the game, and real name registration has become a form.

It is understood that the social sector of the game will be reopened, and whether simple minors will become prey again? It is not known & hellip; & hellip;