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What did the fifth personality update on April 19 the fifth personality will be updated on April 19. After the update on April 19, the long-awaited spider butcher will be online. Meanwhile, Jack's special pendant [rose cane] will be available for purchase. Let's take a look at the details of this update.

Fifth personality April 19 game update summary

[new role]

At the end of the update, the new supervisor spider officially opens, can be purchased with clues or echoes, and can be used in qualifying. Get the first season • the elite 2 fashion gold Candlestick will get a new regulation free of charge, spiders, which will only be used in match and custom mode until April 19th, and can not be used in qualifying.

[new pendant]

Jack's exclusive pendant [rose cane] is open for purchase. You can use clues or echoes to purchase it. The pendant carries a special action - Princess holding! Players participating in the internal test of Rorschach ink can get a rose cane pendant for free.

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