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Latest application conditions and sales policies of Ningde public rental housing in 2018

Latest application conditions and sales policies of Ningde public rental housing in 2018 public rental housing is a social welfare policy. It is a kind of indemnificatory housing rented by the government or public authorities to low-income groups at a price lower than the market price. Public rental housing is a kind of welfare guarantee for many people who have temporary housing difficulties. So what are the latest application conditions and sales policies for Ningde public rental housing in 2018? Let's have a look.

Application conditions for Ningde public rental housing

To apply for public rental housing, the following conditions must be met: the applicant has no housing in the local area or the housing area is lower than the specified standard; the income and property of the applicant are lower than the specified standard; if the applicant is a migrant worker, the stable employment in the local area has reached the specified number of years.

1. The lessee has subleased, subleased or changed without authorization, changed the purpose, damaged or decorated without authorization and refused to restore to the original state, engaged in illegal activities in the public rental housing, and left the public rental housing idle for six consecutive months without any justifiable reason.

2. If the lessee is in arrears for six months and fails to apply for renewal as required, the public rental housing shall be vacated.

3. The lessee does not meet the conditions of renewal, acquisition of other housing and no longer meet the conditions of matching public rental housing and renting or purchasing other indemnificatory housing.

The relevant person in charge of the municipal housing security office told reporters yesterday that the management method of municipal public rental housing is being revised and improved. It is planned to change the rent collection by stages and proportion into subsidy by stages, that is, to collect the rent uniformly according to a certain proportion of the rent reference price of the relevant sections, and then give the corresponding level of rent subsidy to the security objects of different stages.

The business policy of Ningde public rental housing

The sales policy of public rental housing mainly provides security for the "sandwich layer" population. The so-called sandwich layer has two definitions: one is the inner sandwich layer, which refers to the housing difficult families who meet the purchase conditions of affordable housing, but can not afford affordable housing, and will provide them with government led public rental housing, with the minimum rent of 40% of the market price; the other is the outer sandwich layer, which means beyond the scope of affordable housing supply, However, those who can't afford ordinary commercial housing, mainly including new workers, talents and migrant workers, will be provided with government led public rental housing with a minimum rent of 80% of the market price.

According to the measures for the implementation of the municipal public rental housing system (Trial) (hereinafter referred to as the measures), although the application conditions for applying for the government led construction of public rental housing still stipulate that the applicant's household registration is the household registration, but for the needs of a large number of first-time workers and migrant workers, the public rental housing application for the investment and construction of social forces only needs to work in the city and sign for more than 3 years (including 3 years) of labor As long as the contract is flexible, the professional talents and migrant workers who have paid social security for three years in a row also enjoy the qualification of application.

According to the public rental housing sales policy, as long as the individual annual disposable income of the public rental housing applying for the construction of social forces is less than 70000 yuan, the individual net worth is less than 250000 yuan, or the family annual disposable income is less than 140000 yuan, the family net worth is less than 500000 yuan, the application can be made.