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How to open the red envelope

How to open the red envelope

Sihai network: Alipay has a squeak function, I believe that many children often use Alipay's shoes do not pay much attention to this function, in fact, the same password and Taobao's password, as long as a message issued by the creak, the other side can add you as a friend, then how do you use your child's creak? How to play red packets. Let's have a look.

How to play with the password?

Since I say the password is used to add friends, your first step should be to click on the friends below the Alipay home page.

After entering the circle of friends, click the plus sign in the upper right corner of the screen, and select add friend as the pop-up option.

There are many ways to add friends. You can search a friend's account directly, or click to select a mobile phone contact person. You can use a QR code if you want. Of course, if you haven't tried the password, click my password to start generating a password message.

After the creak password is created successfully, it has been copied to the clipboard. You can click to select [paste to QQ] or [paste to wechat] to share the creak password with your friends for inviting them to join.

When you generate a squeak password, TA will not automatically invite friends. What should I do? Just now, the system automatically copied the squeak password, chose to paste it in QQ or wechat, and sent it to friends.

After a friend receives the password message, just press and hold the message to select Copy to the clipboard.

How to open the red envelope?

Before the expiration date of the red envelope, the received password is copied. Then the Alipay wallet can be automatically opened to identify the red envelope and then click on the red envelope. If not, the password may be expired.