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What's the matter with the U.S. dissatisfaction with Russia's sanctions list when Russian lawmakers in view of the recent suspected chemical weapons attacks in some parts of Syria, Haley, the permanent representative of the United States to the United Nations, announced that it would once again impose sanctions on Russia. In protest against the new round of sanctions imposed by the United States on Russia, Dmitry Petrovsky, a member of the Russian city of Yaroslavl, stepped on his iPad to express his dissatisfaction with the United States, reported on April 15.

Dmitry Petrovsky stomped on his iPad in response to new sanctions imposed by the United States on Russia, and posted the video to his Facebook page on the 15th local time, the report said.

In the video, Petrovsky keeps treading on the tablet, and then shows you the cracks on the tablet. Many netizens suggested that Petrovsky cancel his Facebook account at the same time in the comment area at the bottom of the video.

Explaining his actions, the congressman said that Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev had offered to reject the use of American goods.

The congressman also believes that all members of the party who want to make a difference and dare to take responsibility should start from themselves and reject American products. At the same time, Petrovsky also said that Medvedev and Russian President Vyacheslav middot volokin should also join in the event, otherwise they are not sincere enough.

In addition, Petrovsky also said that in the future, only electronic equipment made in China will be used.