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Samsung note 9 will release code named crown in July at the beginning of each year, after Samsung released the new S-Series machine, the most anticipated thing is the Note Series released in the middle of the year. Recently, a source said that Samsung note 9 will be released around July. The product code is crown, which can clearly show the flagship status of the new machine. Can Samsung note 9 become the king of Android? Let's see the configuration first.

From the aspect of appearance design, Samsung Galaxy note9 will have the same design as note8, with a full view curved screen of 18.5:9. As for the internal structure, there will be some changes this time. Samsung note 9 will probably use a 4000mAh battery to improve the endurance performance.

From the configuration point of view, Samsung note 9 will be equipped with Xiaolong 845 mobile platform, which is basically certain. Coincidentally, geekbench recently appeared a mobile phone, code named 'sm-n960u'. The running score of this machine is 2190 for single core and 8806 for multi-core, which is basically the same as that of Xiaolong 845 platform. So this new Samsung machine, which appears in advance, is likely to be the note 9 that will meet us in this year.

In addition, the Samsung note 9 will be pre installed with Bixby 2.0 voice assistant, and will support off screen fingerprint recognition. Do you expect that?