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2018cba playoff finals 2 Guangxia vs Liaoning live address

2018 CBA playoff finals 2 Guangxia vs Liaoning live address at 19:35 p.m. on April 17, the second game of CBA playoff finals was Guangxia's home game against Liaoning team. Guangxia lost 108-120 to Liaoning in the first game. Tonight, Guangxia will try its best to win and evaluate the total score. [attachment: live address, time and video summary of the 2015 CBA finals in Guangxia vs. Liaoning]

Live time: 19:35, April 17

Live address: 5/

It is expected that the two parties will deliver first:

Guangxia: bolosi, Liu Zheng, Lin Zhijie, Hu Jinqiu, sun Minghui

Liaoning: Guo Allen, he Tianju, Liu Zhixuan, Hudson, Han Dejun

History of hand over:

In the history of the two teams, they played 32 times in total, and Liaoning team gained 18 wins and 14 losses to take the upper hand. Liaoning has won 2-1 in three hands this season.

In recent two seasons, Liaoning men's basketball team and Zhejiang Guangxia team have met many times. In Guangxia team's home court, Liaoning basketball team is winning less and losing more. The first finals, Liaoning men's basketball team can win, the first quarter of the outstanding performance. In the first section, the Guangxia team was beaten 32-21 by Liaoning basketball team, which was very rare when the two sides fought before, largely because the tense mood affected the time when Guangxia team entered the competition state. After all, as a youth army that has never played in the finals before, Zhejiang Guangxia team is really lacking in experience, and psychological level is their biggest challenge.

Recent situation of both parties:

On the evening of April 15, the opening battle of Guangxia vs. Liaoning in the finals, Li Chunjiang took the initiative to change the formation and put Mr. Fortson on the bench, with Mr. bolosi as his inner partner Hu Jinqiu, and launched sun Minghui. However, this change was not successful. Liaoning team started with a hot three-way break and opened the gap, leading 11 points at the end of the first quarter; with the continuous firing of Guangxia outer line, they tied and overtook the score. After Yi Bian fought again, Liaoning opened the gap again 11-0, and then the gap between the two teams gradually opened. Finally, Liaoning won 120-108 away games, leading Guangxia 1-0 in total score.

After just two days of adjustment, the two sides will start the second game of the finals. The loss of the first game will make Guangxia team bear more pressure, because if the second game is missed again, the total score is 0-2 behind in history, no team has completed a reversal, and losing two home games in a row will make the team morale fall to the bottom. If Su Ruoyu is not recovered from the injury and is absent from the first battle, it will be more difficult for him to return in time.