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How do ugly transgender people marry handsome transgender people to live a married life?

The 32-year-old transgender is cheated because of his ugliness. It seems that the world of beauty value even ignores gender. I believe many people will have such questions. For transgender people, can they live a couple's life? The answer is yes.

A Thai woman named bow, 32, has just married her handsome 21-year-old boyfriend, according to Siam daily. It's not easy for them to walk this way. Before, bow was cheated because of his ugly appearance.

Her ex boyfriend once said to her, "who is going to be with you when you are so ugly? Once she was desperate to commit suicide, but finally she felt that she could not give up easily and could not give up her life.". So, she opened the road of plastic surgery. She works all kinds of jobs and spends all her money on plastic surgery. In the end, I became a beautiful woman and got a love marriage.

The so-called "male body, daughter's heart" refers to the psychology of transgender people, so transgender people are women psychologically. In addition to breast plastic surgery, they also need to do transgender surgery. After the transgender surgery, they become women physiologically. Of course, all women want to have a normal and healthy sexual life with the people they love;

'can transgender people have sex?'

Classification: fashion new function enlarged view first, let's understand what is transsexual surgery: the process of transsexual surgery is composed of two parts, the first part is to remove male sexual organs, the second part is to reconstruct female sexual organs;

At the beginning of the operation, the artificial urethra tube is connected to the urethra tube of the male sexual organ. Remove the meat outside the seminal vesicle and remove the seminal vesicle and male sexual organs.

After removing the sex organ, put the urethra tube on the artificial cortex, and then suture can be started.

Next, artificial leather is made in the crotch. To make artificial cortex with the skin of seminal vesicle just removed,

Although the reconstructed female organ looks exactly the same as the real female sex organ, it can not be conceived because it is only an artificial cortex.

The vagina of transgender people is made of their own 'seminal vesicle skin (or prepuce)' because there is' nerve plexus' on the 'seminal vesicle skin (or prepuce)', so 'when having sex, it is still more sensitive. '

Unlike a real woman, she doesn't have a uterus, and her vagina naturally doesn't secrete fluid, let alone menstruate.

If you want to be pregnant, you have to have an artificial uterus transplant, there is no successful precedent.

'apart from using lubricants for sex, they are similar to ordinary couples. '