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Where to grab the red bag of goldshun windmill

Where to grab the red bag of goldshun windmill after meituan launched the taxi service, gaodeshun windmill also went online, and provided a red bag for windmill, so where is gaodeshun windmill red bag? Now let's take a look at the entrance of the red envelope.

Recently, goldmap has launched a ride service and provided a ride red bag. Where is the ride red bag? How can goldmap get the ride red bag? Let's have a look.

Collection steps of red bag for the windmill of goldmap:

1. At present, if you want to get the red envelope of hitchhiker service in the Gaud map, you need to click the car icon on the main page first to enter the operation of the car Hailing page.

2. Next, we can find a red bag button on the left. Click and select it to start collecting red bags!

3. After that, click the "grab now" option on the red packet receiving page to get the red packet successfully. You can get a subsidy of up to 20 yuan!

4. However, friends also need to pay attention to the fact that you can only get the red packet if you log in to the account of goldmap. You can log in directly when you get it.

Where is the red bag for windmill? How can I get the red bag for windmill? Xiaobian will introduce these to you. For those who are interested in the service, you can refer to the above methods to get the red envelope!