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How to wear a man's fishing cap

This year, the fisherman's hat is the popular trend of men's and women's hat decorations. It can not only shade from the sun, but also have a concave shape. How to choose a fisherman's hat? How to match a fisherman's hat with a dress? Let's get to know with Xiaobian.

How to wear a men's Fisherman's hat

Simple matching with casual T-shirt, jeans, or sporty danga shorts is a safety sign. More advanced note that the color and material should not be too different, even with a shirt suit is also very harmonious.

matters needing attention:

1. Don't turn the brim up: trust me, you usually become like a baby (or a Burlington bear).

2. Don't press the brim too low or choose a hat type with too soft brim: the biggest advantage of a fisherman's hat is its own shape and the effect of modifying the face. Too low and soft brim will not only damage this effect, but also make you look like a victim.

3. Don't wear the fisherman's hat with waterproof and chin tied rope: Well, I advise you not to be careful to change from God to Uncle & hellip;

4. Add points for modeling with accessories: make good use of stylish accessories: windbreaker, vest, sunglasses or bags can add a lot of color to the overall modeling!

Correct wearing of fisherman's hat

1. Slightly raise the brim of the hat at a 45 ° angle to the horizontal line

Because the size of the fisherman's hat is not adjustable, we must choose the right size, otherwise it will be embarrassing if it is too big or too small. I will teach you how to measure your head circumference hand in hand.

1. You need a tape measure, grasp the most prominent point of the forehead and circle the occipital bone around the head, and the size you need will come out.

2. Take the girth just measured by yourself, compare with the size table of hat, and select the hat with appropriate size according to personal preference. Note: the length and thickness of hair also have a slight impact.

How to match it