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How to do the flick of the video and how to download the video?

If you want to make a good video on the jitter, you need to be creative. The video will be more innovative. So how do you play the video? Is there any video that can be downloaded? Where can I download it? I'm interested to have a look with Xiaobian.

How to reverse the jitter?

1, jitter short video is the use of several video inside the phone to make synthetic music into a cool rhythm of the video, this time we can change clothes or change the scene, anywhere can be self timer, all the pictures are their own creativity;

2. We need to use the click to see that what we are moving forward becomes backward to produce rewind effect;

3. If some videos don't support forward or backward, they can't be inverted.

Which folder is the video downloaded?

1. Prepare a file manager. You can also use your own file manager

2. Open the sdcard (that is, the internal storage of the mobile phone, not the external memory card) and find the path sdcard / Tencent / mobileqq / shortvideo / which contains all the short videos cached in your QQ. Which folder do you want to save? You need to find it manually. When you find it, you copy it to another place, and the short video is saved.

The above is how to share the voice and video how to play it. We can learn more about it.