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When will Avenger alliance 3 release the latest story of Avenger alliance 3

When will Avenger alliance 3 release the latest story of Avenger alliance 3 Marvel films have made a huge box office turnover of 10 billion US dollars in 10 years, and also reaped a large number of Marvel fans. As the top work of the decade, "Avenger alliance 3" has already sounded the gathering number of superheroes. This time, "Avenger alliance 3" is full of fans who have been hit by a superhero. On the eve of its release, the official website released posters. Let's take a look at the latest plot introduction of "Avenger alliance 3".

&Shy; this poster is from Regal Entertainment, the second largest movie theater group in the United States. The annihilation of hegemony is hidden in the center. He collected infinite gems to launch a powerful force, inhaled the heroes of Fulian, launched a devastating battle in the universe of marvel, and sacrificed a lot of superheroes. Combined with Fulian 4, he decided the new space defense war of Fulian 5.

This one is mieba Tongbian Haoke. Xingjue, the second generation of cosmos star, uses Dr. strange's portal to try to turn the tide. Tonistak, the iron man, is tormented by mental control and unable to move. The mental attack of ebony throat is extremely powerful.

&Shy: in the latest exposure of the studio photos, "star Jue", "Spider Man" and "nebula" are all together, sleeping and resting. They are very warm, while "star Jue" actor Chris Pratt doesn't play "Dutch brother" as a child, often plays some adult jokes to make him happy, and sometimes he thinks two people are really ready to fight.

&Shy: Director Russell brothers said that the main line of "dundong" from "Captain America 2: Winter fighter" will end in "couplet 4". Before the premiere of Winter Soldier actor Sebastian stan in England, he said: "fans don't have to worry too much about the couplet without the US team. When I wait there, the Captain America is not dead. If he is dead, I certainly can't see it. 'this may indicate that winter soldier will become the new captain of the United States. After all, Chris Evans will say goodbye to marvel movie after "couplet 4", but the truth will not be known until it is released in most parts of the world in April and may.

&Shy; Avengers 3 premiered on May 11 in mainland China, with a total length of 149 points. There are 'many, many, very many' colored eggs.