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What's the difference between a straw mat or a bamboo mat

It's summer, and it's hot. Every family has to pave mats. Generally, mats are divided into straw mats and bamboo mats. Is it better to use straw mats or bamboo mats? What's the difference between straw mat and bamboo mat? Take a look.

What kind of grass is the mat

Straw mat is woven with Cordyceps, cattail, Malan grass, etc. it is soft, has strong affinity with the skin, low coolness, and is popular with the elderly and the weak.

Advantages and disadvantages of straw mat

Advantages: soft material, strong affinity with skin, low coolness and low price. The sub straw mat has good air permeability, strong perspiration absorption, and the mat temperature can be consistent with the body temperature. As a result of the sterilization treatment, the straw mat will not induce allergies in general, and it can be used by people of all ages.

Disadvantages: straw mat is easy to grow mites. And to the baby may cause the allergic phenomenon, the first use must observe the baby's skin reaction. Because the straw mat has strong water absorption capacity, the color of the mat surface is easy to turn yellow after a period of time.

Straw mat or bamboo mat

Generally speaking, straw mat is better. Bamboo mat is cooler than straw mat in summer, and it is convenient for cleaning and preservation, but it is easy to have barbs on it. If you choose bamboo mat, you must buy one with good quality and no barbs. Otherwise, you should choose straw mat. Straw mat is friendly to skin, with low coolness, which is more suitable for people with weak physique.

Advantages and disadvantages of straw mat


The material of straw mat is soft, has strong affinity with skin and low coolness. It is suitable for the elderly and the weak. Moreover, it is better for infants to sleep on straw mat, because their nervous system is not yet mature, their thermoregulation function is weak, and their adaptability to cold and heat is poor. Bamboo mat is easy for children to catch cold and is not suitable for selection.


The disadvantage of straw mat is easy to grow mites. Before using the new straw mat, it is better to expose it to the sun and pat it several times. In addition, the straw mat will absorb sweat and turn yellow after using for a period of time, so that it will be stained with grease and sweat stains.

Advantages and disadvantages of bamboo mat


Bamboo mat is cool, durable and affordable.


The air permeability is poor, the softness is low, and the bedding is not easy to fold. The bamboo mat with spray painting pattern may cause contact dermatitis, and there will be some bamboo thorns on it, which will scratch the skin accidentally when sleeping.

How to select straw mat

1. When selecting straw mats, first smooth the mats and observe whether the color is uniform. If there is black, moldy or withered yellow grass, it means that the quality is poor.

2. To see if the mat feel is smooth, high-quality straw mat should be free of grass breaking, impurities, broken tendons, broken edges, hair tips and scars and other defects.

3. Check whether the textile of mat is tight and the quality of straw mat is good. Generally, the whole mat will not be uneven in tightness, thickness, exposed tendons and broken edges.

How to maintain the straw mat

Before using and storing the straw mat, it's better to expose it in the sun, pat it repeatedly several times, wipe off the dust with warm water, and then dry it in the shade.

The next year, when you need to use the old straw mat, you'd better wipe it with disinfectant water, or you can use soap water to wash the mildew. If it's a straw mat, you can wash it with water and iron it with an iron, because after treatment, you can avoid straw mat mildew.