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How to stop itching quickly when bitten by mosquitoes and how to prevent mosquitoes

Mosquito summer hair more, be called by mosquito, especially poisonous mosquito, strange itch is intolerable, some even can be swollen, how to stop itching quickly? How to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes? How much do you know about mosquito control?

How to stop itching and reduce swelling when bitten by mosquitoes

Wash the toilet water

The flower dew is a kind of perfume made of flower dew oil, and then made with alcohol. When alcohol is applied to the skin surface, it will take away part of the heat, resulting in a cool feeling, which can alleviate the symptoms of skin itching. In addition, most of the dew has mosquito repellent ingredients and mosquito repellent effect.

Soapy water

If you are bitten, you can use some strong soapy water to smear it, which can quickly stop itching, or you can dip the soap in the water to smear it on the red and swollen areas. Soap contains sodium salts of higher fatty acids. The sodium salt solution of the fatty acid is alkaline (containing OH -), while the ant acid solution of mosquito contains h, which can be neutralized by acid and alkali.

Cold compress

If bitten by a mosquito, it can be rinsed with cold water or applied with ice, which will help reduce local swelling and pain. In the washing process, the action should be gentle, and pay attention not to break the red envelope.

Smear with garlic

Break off a garlic clove, and then use the cross section of garlic to smear the mosquito bite place. It will not feel very itchy for a while. It has a better antipruritic effect.

Aloe Vera relieving itching

Can use aloe juice to stop itching. After being bitten by mosquitoes, if there is redness and itchiness, you can cut a small piece of aloe leaf, wash it and break it off, and smear some aloe juice on the redness and swelling, so as to eliminate swelling and itch.

Brine brewing

Use salt water to smear or brew the bitten part, which can soften the lump and effectively stop itching.

Which drugs can stop itching and reduce swelling


If the skin appears redness, swelling and itching after being bitten by mosquitoes, some anti itching ointment can be applied on the skin to reduce people's discomfort. If the skin is prone to allergy or itching, oral antihistamines can be selected. The specific medication and dosage should be used under the guidance of the doctor.


The bactericidal effect is very good, but also can prevent inflammation infection. Its main component is dexamethasone acetate, which can have antiviral, anti-inflammatory and anti allergic effects. However, there is a certain amount of hormone in dermatitis - dexamethasone acetate. People who depend on hormone should not use it. If they use it, they will be allergic.

New skin snake cream

It is an anti mosquito medicine, mainly composed of chlorhexidine acetate, snake fat, aloe, borneol and other Chinese herbal extracts. The main effect is good for skin, good antifungal effect, but the ability to kill bacteria is weaker than dermatitis.

In summer, we hate nothing more than high temperature and mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are the most difficult ones. After being bitten by mosquitoes, they are very uncomfortable. They not only make a big bag, but also itch. How can we stop itching and reduce swelling quickly?

How to prevent mosquito bites

1. Pour out water

Generally, mosquitoes are inseparable from water, and the places where there are many mosquitoes are relatively humid. Therefore, mosquito control in summer should first reduce water accumulation. If you have an artificial pond in your home, you need to empty the water and keep it as dry as possible. It's better to pour all the stagnant water out of the house. Don't leave any water in the bucket.

2. Wear loose clothing

Mosquitoes often bite the skin through clothes, so it's best to choose loose style clothes, so there will be a gap between clothes and skin, and mosquitoes will naturally be hard to bite.

3. Use mosquito repellent

Mosquitoes should try not to use perfume when they are more frequent. Instead, they will attract mosquitoes to your special favor, which makes them think you are sweet. On the contrary, using mosquito repellent products containing geraniol, soybean oil and lemon eucalyptus can bring good smell and prevent you from being bitten by mosquitoes.

4. Use of mosquito nets

If you sleep at home, the best way to prevent mosquito is to hang a mosquito net. You can also install a window screen on the window and set up a mosquito net beside the bed. This double-layer protection will not worry about mosquitoes biting you.