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When does goldshun windmill go online? Is goldshun windmill really free

When does goldshun windmill go online? Is goldshun windmill really free

Four seas network: online car Hailing has greatly facilitated our life and changed our way of travel. After didi taxi and meituan taxi, Gaud has also entered into online car hailing, and insists that it does not accept user Commission and is not suitable for profit. When does Shunfeng go online, Gaud taxi really do not need money? Let's go

On March 27, according to the news, goldmap announced the launch of the tailwind business today. Chengdu and Wuhan took the lead in launching the online business. Meanwhile, it started the recruitment of car owners in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and other cities, and will gradually expand to more cities across the country. Different from the 10% commission of other ride platforms, golde's public welfare ride platform has no commercial purpose. It will insist on no commission for users, no subsidy war for the industry, no congestion for urban roads, but based on its long-term accumulated self driving travel users and dispatching capacity, and under the condition of no increase in urban road pressure, it will improve its transportation capacity by means of science and technology, So as to improve the efficiency of social travel and alleviate urban traffic congestion.

Is goldshun really free?

Liu Zhenfei, President of golde, personally put forward the slogan of "true public welfare, true downwind". He insisted on not making profits, and would never draw user commissions. On the premise of ensuring how much passengers spend and how much owners can get.

In addition, goldmap will also provide users with SMS notification, insurance and other third-party services, hoping to restore the essence of hitchhiker.

But to many people's surprise, why did golde come out at this time to land the ride service, and also played the flag of "zero deposit"? Zero Commission, aimed at the online car Hailing platform that needs to receive commission.

The online car Hailing platform mentioned above is free of commission in some cities or in the early stage of development. When the time comes, how much or how much should we charge.

And in Golder's side, it's not only free of commission within the time limit, but also free of charge for drivers from now on. In addition, it also needs to paste functions such as insurance and SMS reminders. Was Golder such a rich company?

Different from meituan's taxi, goldshun insists that its ride platform has no commercial purpose, does not draw Commission for users, and adheres to the public welfare nature of ride sharing travel.

Liu Zhenfei, a partner of Alibaba and President of Gaode group, thinks that Shunfeng is a sharing way of green travel and has great development potential, but 'some platforms have gradually deviated from the original intention of Shunfeng',

For example, a week after a platform launched its downwind business in Beijing, traffic congestion in many urban areas, including Haidian and Shijingshan, has not been alleviated, but has increased. After these platforms occupy the market, in order to obtain revenue, they have constantly increased the proportion of user commissions, generally about 10% of the car fare.

Based on this, Gaud has made a commitment not to fight subsidy war, not to stimulate the increase of additional transportation capacity, but also to insist on not taking user Commission, and even to subsidize the third-party services such as SMS notification and insurance for users, so as to ensure that as much as the passengers spend, the owners can get.

Strictly speaking, the windmill business launched by goldmap is actually Alibaba's practical action of green travel. Liu Zhenfei said that this year, golde will continue to implement many public welfare innovation projects such as targeted poverty alleviation, green travel, public welfare around and user public welfare achievement platform.

At the same time, Gaud also said that Gaud's public welfare windmills match the travel needs of the existing 700 million users and a large number of car owners on the Gaud platform. According to reports, Gaud map provides users with 340 million trip navigation plans every day on average, and has real-time traffic planning and scheduling capabilities through cooperation with more than 150 urban traffic police across the country.

With the help of its own technology, goldmap can integrate downwind carpooling with road supply and demand prediction, real-time traffic conditions, intelligent congestion avoidance and other technologies, better match the travel needs of users, and provide the best combined ride route without detour and congestion.

At the same time, with the help of the urban traffic brain, Gaud will comprehensively consider the overall situation of the city, such as the traffic conditions of the urban trunk and branch roads, so as to recommend the overall optimal route planning for users, improve the urban travel efficiency and reduce the overall congestion pressure of the city.

Finally, Gaud also made a response to the most concerned safety issues of users. It is reported that Gaud will upload and review the vehicle driving license, driver's driving license and mobile phone number of the owner, and provide credit rating and anonymous evaluation of both the driver and the passenger, as well as 7x24 hours of customer service support and other services.

For each trip, Golder will provide accident insurance to ensure that every car owner and passenger are protected.

In a short time, this move should be able to attract people quickly. After all, its unprofitable nature of "public welfare" can avoid many problems. However, after going through the muddy waters of Internet travel, it's impossible to know whether it can keep its original intention all the time.