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Mother energy saving send roses? Mother's day send some flowers

Can mothers save energy and send roses mother's Day is coming. Many friends will buy a bunch of flowers to express their love for their mother on this day. Generally, everyone will think of sending their mother carnations. In fact, in addition to sending carnations, roses are also a good choice. So does mother save energy to send roses? Let's take a look at you.

Can I have roses on Mother's day?

One choice is pink rose. The flower language of pink rose is happiness and happiness. The flower language of eight pink roses is to thank you for your care, support and encouragement, which can be used as a gift to your mother to express deep gratitude for her many years of caring and nurturing. And sixteen pink roses are smooth sailing, smooth, easy and always love you, and can also be given to your mother. I believe she will be moved for your filial piety.

Send some flowers on Mother's Day

And the flower language of champagne rose is' I only love you. Falling in love with you is the greatest happiness of my life. Thinking about you is the happiest thing for me '. It is generally the representative of the flower of love, but the number of flowers is different, and the meaning of expression is different. Therefore, if you choose champagne rose to send to your mother, you can choose to send eight champagne roses, and then match them with lily and carnation to express blessing to your mother Good luck.

In addition, the number of roses given to the mother is 10 and 18. The flower language of 10 roses is perfect. It's given to mother, which means that I hope everything goes well and everything goes well. 18 roses represent the beauty of youth. The mother has made a lot of efforts and hardships in bringing up her children. The moral of sending 18 roses is no more obvious than to make her stay young.