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YSL lip enamel No.202 trial evaluation

Four seas network: YSL lip enamel No. 202, is orange red, but also a little coral feeling, anyway, it is beautiful, is a kind of Lip Glaze that every girl is not willing to miss. Xiaobian will give you a color test today. Let's see if it suits you.

Is YSL Lip Glaze 202 suitable for yellow skin

YSL mirror Lip Glaze No. 12 is orange red, and there is a sense of coral color. It's not beautiful. It's a lip glaze that can be used for all skin types! It's said that this one is very popular. I've followed the trend once, sister. This one is popular. Some places are out of stock.

The color is more daily, bright, set off the skin color, and can improve the color. After putting it on, it has a mirror like feeling. The water is moist, and the durability is really good for fried chicken. It is not easy to lose color. It is very powerful.

Is YSL Saint Laurent's mirror Lip Glaze 202 nice

This lip enamel yellow skin is particularly white.

YSL mirror Lip Glaze pop water 202, painted mouth is a full and juicy big orange, if you can paint the mirror sense, it's not necessary for a girl to do it. This kind of water looks very cute, and the orange red lining makes the skin white and bright. 12 is like a strawberry, which is more like a ripe persimmon, ha ha. The whole vitality of biting lip makeup is full, and the full application is also in line with the appearance of a 28 girl. In early autumn, wear a floral long sleeve dress, and use this shin to look good.

YSL Saint Laurent Lip Glaze 202 trial evaluation YSL Lip Glaze 202 color test

Thin coating: YSL Lip Glaze 202 thin coating, the color will be more orange, very vitality, a coating on the feeling that his body is full of power.

Thick coating: YSL Lip Glaze 202 thick coating is a very nice orange red, super invincible girl, also very white, spring and summer must not miss yo~

YSL Lip Glaze 202 texture

The texture of YSL Lip Glaze 202 is a little sticky, so there will be girls who can't easily paint it. But in fact, when girls use it, they can move faster, and don't sip their lips after painting, the effect is very good~

YSL Lip Glaze 202 durability

The durability of YSL Lip Glaze is not bad, so YSL Lip Glaze 202 is no exception. Generally, eating will also leave the background color on the lips, but it will not have the luster of the mouth, so girls still need to pay attention to the touch up.