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What are the taboos of May 1 travel in 2018? These places are the best to avoid

What are the taboos of May 1 travel in 2018? These places are the best to avoid May Day is a national legal holiday. Many friends want to take advantage of the warm spring festival to go out and relax. It can not only relieve the pressure of daily life and work, but also relieve the psychology and taste the fun of travel. However, may day travel is not where they want to go. These taboos should be avoided. Let's take a look at May Day travel taboos.

1、 Try to go where Fengshui is good

People often say that "the mountains are green and the rivers are beautiful, and the people are outstanding". This actually refers to the good Fengshui in a place. Fengshui says "mountain master Ding, water master wealth". Good mountain and good water place has a prosperous population and rich economy. The natural gas field is good where Fengshui is good, because its field state is harmonious.

It will make you relaxed and happy. It's not like in the office, tense, busy, facing all kinds of things and dealing with all kinds of interpersonal relationships. So we must go to such a place when we travel. A good Aura will change your own unfavorable aura, which will help your fortune.

2、 Don't go to the five elements tomb

The Qi of five elements has its own characteristics of prosperity and decline. It also has a process from birth to prosperity and then to decline. Among them, the most favorable thing for us is imperial Qi, and the most unfavorable thing for us is tomb Jue Qi. Therefore, travelers are most reluctant to go to the tomb Jue place they hit. People who have heard of the novel Three Kingdoms remember that Pang Tong, the adviser, died in Luojiang County, Deyang City, Sichuan Province. Now there are Pang Tong's Zhenji and ancestral hall at baimaguan side. Netizens can find out what kind of life they belong to on the Internet. For example, people born in 1972 and 1973 were born in sangzhemu, or "wood" for short. Jinming people should avoid the northeast, wooden people should avoid the southwest, Shuiming people should avoid the southeast, Huoming people should avoid the northwest. Native people avoid the southeast.

3、 Don't go to the opposite place

From the point of view of the book of changes, the disadvantages to people are mainly those against and against people. These places will never bring you good luck. If you think about it, how can it be beneficial to you? Our destination for traveling is to relax and make you feel happy. It's impossible for us to relax. So how can we find out where this position is against ourselves? Those who belong to rats should avoid the south, those who belong to cattle should avoid the southwest, those who belong to tigers should avoid the southwest, those who belong to rabbits should avoid the west, those who belong to dragons should avoid the northwest, those who belong to snakes should avoid the northwest, those who belong to horses should avoid the north, those who belong to sheep should avoid the northeast, those who belong to monkeys should avoid the northeast, those who belong to chickens should avoid the East, those who belong to dogs should avoid the southeast, and those who belong to pigs should avoid the East South.

4、 Don't go where you don't want to hit

All things are divided into five elements: gold, wood, water, fire and earth. It's the same with people's hitting eight characters. Some of the five elements are good for people and some are bad for people, which is what we often say we should avoid. Some people avoid gold, some wood, some water, some fire and some earth. For example, people who avoid water should not go to the river, river, lake or the seaside to play, so if they encounter their own adverse flow year is very unfavorable. For example, the year of birth, the year of making a charge, etc. Remember the Indonesian tsunami in 2003, when we were playing by the sea, a big tsunami took the lives of more than 200000 people, which was terrible.

If you go out and play in a bad place, sometimes you have to go for various reasons. You can take some mascots to protect yourself. For example, some safety charms, or some mascots such as safety bracelets, Buddha beads bracelets, and Benming Buddha pendants can be used.