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How does Alipay make an appointment to wash the car?

Sihai: Alipay is a very practical payment software. There is an appointment car wash function in Alipay. Many car owners still don't know how to make an appointment for car wash in Alipay.

Appointment method:

1. open cell phone Alipay APP, search "car service" on the front page, click enter "car owner service".

2. Enter the "owner service" page, click the plus sign to add your car and fill in the information.

3. After adding vehicles, select 'more services'

4. In "more owner services", select "car wash"

5. In the "car beauty washing" interface, select the appropriate merchant and click to enter the merchant interface.

6. There is specific information on the 'business details' page. After the car wash, click' pay for the car '.