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How to beat the sea grass dance?

How to beat the sea grass dance? Recently, a magical seaweed song has been printed, which is "like a seaweed, seaweed and seaweed, fluttering with the waves". With the magic dance, people can't stop. How to take the seaweed dance? Here is a video course of Shanghai grass dance. Let's learn it together.

How do you make the sea grass dance?

If you want to challenge this dance, you can search the seaweed dance directly in the trill search.

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Seaweed Dance Collection: / ාmid = 4230340483

In fact, this song is "sea grass dance". Click to listen

Full lyrics:

Like a seaweed seaweed

Seaweed seaweed

Wave with wave

Seaweed seaweed seaweed seaweed

Dancing in the waves

Seaweed seaweed

Seaweed seaweed

Even though it's stormy

I have fun

A sea of people

Floating and sinking with the tide

Life is like a dream

Where are you, my dear?

I walked the steepest mountain road

See the most magnificent sunrise

By the midnight Road

Say I don't give in to the night sky

Put your life on the line

And danced with the devil

I've seen through those routines

It's enough to keep a little

The strongest drink ever

I've been to the most arrogant girl

Like a prodigal

And serious as a fool

The darkness and loneliness I walked through

Betrayal and helplessness

But I still can't understand the devil

Only learned to be frank and live

You and I are in this vast sea of people

The tiny grass

But who says little people can't be heroes

You and I are just in this vast sea of people

I don't know the tall grass

So don't worry. Just be happy

To love, to smile

The above is the introduction of how to do the singing of sea grass dance. You can understand that more interesting video can be introduced.