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A course of restoring wechat chat records on Android Phones at present, the number of users of Android phones is also very large. I believe wechat is the app software that everyone must install in Android phones. Do you know how to restore Android wechat chat records after clearing or deleting them by mistake? I think the general people are not likely to think of this problem. But in fact, we can restore wechat chat records in mobile phones through other methods. Let's follow Xiaobian to see how to recover wechat chat records lost in Android devices.

1. In order to recover the wechat chat records lost in Android phones, we must install the mobile data recovery wizard on the mobile phone to carry out the next step. As for where to download, it seems that every major application market can. For example, Tencent app treasure can be used.

2. After the installation is completed, open the app and you will see six modules. You can select the corresponding data recovery module according to the lost mobile phone, and click "wechat record" to enter.

3. Then the software will start to scan the wechat chat record file lost in the mobile phone, and individual mobile phones may be different. You can contact the customer service of the software to ask about the situation.

4. After that, we can select the files that need to be restored. Here we restore the pictures of wechat chat records. It can be seen that the recovery effect is very good.


There are many brands and models of Android phones, so it's convenient to contact the software supplier or click the bottom left corner if you have any problems during the recovery.