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Who are the guests in the second issue of runner 6? Will Wu Xiubo show up

Runner 6 was on the Internet last Friday, looking forward to the start of the broadcast. The audience was very good, and he laughed a lot. Who will be the guests this Friday? Will the legendary Wu Xiubo appear? Let's wait and see.

The sixth season of running bar started on Friday. The first one is full of laughter. As soon as the broadcasting of "Brothers Group" started, it faced the ultimate challenge of giving an English speech at the United Nations. For such a breakthrough challenge, not only angelababy and Zheng Kai, who are good at English, said it is more difficult, but also Deng Chao, who created "we are tired of logging", "what are you doing" and other "super English" learning tyrants, directly "backed out" during rehearsal, said: "why does life come to this step? In addition, due to the excessive pressure, the relaxation and frolic between Deng Chao and Chen he directly provoked Li Chen's' anger '.

In the first episode of the program, Deng Chao, dressed in a black suit, made a stunning appearance. However, the super boy, who is always "handsome but less than three seconds", is still confident in Vienna. Deng's English: "a-mei-ziyin", "ang boli-i-bo" and "oumaiga" laugh at Max. in the car, a affectionate "remember me" is interpreted as "you run me" by Deng Chao. He plays a funny role in the first episode of running man. Deng's English will play again Add a hot word to lead the trend.

Kunling, song Zuer, Wu Xiubo, Zhong Chuxi, Selina, etc., also recorded in Austria, will appear in the second period, with specific groups as follows:

Deng Chao, song Zuer; Wu Xiubo, angelababy; Li Chenzhong, Chu Xi; Chen he, Ren Jiaxuan; Zheng kaikunling; Lu Han, LAN Yingying.