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How to distinguish the original and dubbing on the jitter?

There are two kinds of music on Voiceover: dubbing and original sound. Dubbing videos are often praised a lot. How do they distinguish the original or dubbing? Today Xiaobian will explain it to you. I hope it will help you.

For example, if you look at the picture, below the picture is the original pure music - Zhang Qilin, but above it is the @ warm people, so this is the dubbing used. If you look at the lower right corner, it is the same, you will know whether it is the original sound or not. If you edit the picture, it is not the original sound!

And the second picture, the top and the bottom right are the same, that is, the original sound! Remember, look at the bottom right corner is not always know whether it is the original sound!

I don't know. Did the editor make it clear? You can open the jitter and look at it, so this is dubbed after meeting, really do not need to praise ah!