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Interview and application conditions for teacher qualification examination in the first half of 2018 candidates who apply for the interview for the qualification examination of primary and secondary school teachers in the first half of 2018 in Shandong Province shall meet the following conditions at the same time:

(1) Chinese citizens who do not reach the legal retirement age of the state and whose household registration, work unit (school for students in school) or residence (residence permit is required) are in Shandong Province.

(2) For the qualification of kindergarten and primary school teachers, they should have college degree or above; for the qualification of junior middle school, senior middle school and secondary vocational school teachers of culture and professional courses, they should have bachelor degree or above; for the qualification of internship guidance teachers in secondary vocational school, they should have graduated from secondary vocational school or above, and they should have equivalent assistant workers Engineer or above professional technical position or technical level of intermediate or above workers.

(3) Take part in the national unified written examination of teachers' qualification, and the scores of all subjects are qualified and within the validity period.

Students above grade 3 (inclusive) in general institutions of higher learning who meet the corresponding academic level (refers to students in full-time junior college, undergraduate grade 3 and above, and students in full-time undergraduate or graduate from full-time college) can apply for the examination with the student status certificate in school, and other students in school cannot apply for the examination.