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Where can I buy Cai Xukun's sponge baby water cup? How much is Cai Xukun's sponge baby water cup

Cai Xukun's picture of holding sponge baby's water cup and drinking became popular. It's not just Cai Xukun, but the cup. Where can I buy this cup? How much is this cup? Interested friends and Xiaobian come to have a look.

What brand is Cai Xukun sponge baby water cup

Cai Xukun SpongeBob's water cup is actually from you Changjing. It's sent by fans. Justin, you Changjing and Zhu Zhengting all have their own brands. If there's no specific brand, you can search 'Cai Xukun SpongeBob's water cup' on Taobao's own and find the same one!

Today, it's said that Justin and Zhu Zhengting's fans gave them a little yellow man water cup ha ha! As a member of the refined men's League, can you share a straw just a few days after the army is formed? The answer is yes!

Looking at these pictures, do you think that one person is a little yellow person water cup? In fact, they are not the only two. Besides them, there is a little sweetheart, you Changjing, who owns a SpongeBob SquarePants. These three water glasses raised the group today.

Do you think Cai Xukun is cold and clean? No, today he not only fell in love with this water cup, but also was fed SpongeBob by you Changjing. No matter how delicate and cold the boy is, he can't help sharing a straw and a water cup with everyone when it's hot. This is a group milestone day, three water cups, raising the whole team.

The little yellow man's water cup is still a hot product. You Changjing hugs her sponge baby all the way. As a result, Justin connects her nose to the video, and Chen takes a lot of black photos. Everyone expects these photos to be released.

How much is a sponge baby water cup

Caixukun sponge baby water cup is 128 yuan each.

Cai Xukun goes to work in LA, USA Reuters ~ today is a cool and beautiful young man who goes out of the street with fashionable sex and sucks SpongeBob's drink while walking. Have you been teased?

Recently, Cai Xukun's Los Angeles looks handsome and screams! Today, he released some pictures of kunkun. They are eye-catching, charming, cool to wear glasses, and lovely to drink water! How can they be so attractive? Let's have a look at Xiaohuang and xiaonukun~

Bow your head and smile, the eyelashes are really long! How lovely is the little yellow man's water cup! It's said that it's sold out?

I know you already want the same type of water cup! Tianlulu! Why can drinking water be so good-looking, Cai Xukun!!

Eyelashes and eyelashes!! the eyelashes are against the sky! The hair color is good, and the eye makeup is not bad!

The boy coming out of the cartoon! How many little sister's recent husband has changed into Kun Kun? The more you see, the more you like Cai Xukun!

After drinking the little yellow for sponge baby, which is more lovely? I want to choose, I choose kunkun, ha ha!

Drink water very seriously! Once again, I think this shape is very good-looking, this heartthrob arsonist!!

OK ~ ~ have you seen enough of the water? I hope Cai Xukun is getting better and better! His beauty, strength and character are all worth liking!